Hybrid picking is a versatile technique that opens up a world of possibilities for guitarists. By combining the use of the pick and fingers, hybrid picking enables players to achieve a rich and dynamic sound that can elevate their playing to new heights. One of the key advantages of hybrid picking is its ability to seamlessly blend the power and precision of the pick with the dexterity and expressiveness of the fingers. This combination allows for greater control over individual notes, as well as the ability to play intricate patterns and arpeggios with ease. In this post we put 5 great hybrid picking exercise with guitar pro tabs.

Kiko Loureiro, Chris Impellitteri, Andy James, Tommy Emmanuel, Mark Knopfler, Brent Mason, and Steve Morse are renowned guitarists known for their adept use of this technique.

Lesson 1

Listen to the exercise:

Tab in image:

Advance guitar lesson

Download guitar pro tab:

Lesson 2



Hybrid Picking Workout

Download guitar pro tab for lesson 2:

Lesson 3

Here listen to the exercise 3:


Hybrid Picking Exercise

Download the guitar pro tab for this workout:

Lesson 4



Hybrid Picking Exercise

Download guitar tab for Hybrid Picking Workout 4:

Lesson 5

Exercise 5:


Hybrid Picking Exercise

Download Exercise 5 guitar pro tab:

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