Guitar Dynamics lesson

Guitar dynamics refer to the varying levels of volume and expression that a guitarist uses to create a more interesting and engaging musical performance. It involves using techniques such as varying pick attacks, fingerpicking, palm muting, adjusting volume and tone controls, and playing with feeling to create a range of tones and emotions in the music. Dynamics are an essential aspect of guitar playing, as they can add depth and interest to a performance and help to convey the emotion and intention behind the music. In todays lesson we covered 5 Really useful Guitar Dynamics Lesson.

How To Increase Dynamics in your guitar playing:

To increase dynamics in your guitar playing, you can try the following techniques:

  1. Use different pick attacks: Varying your pick attack can create different levels of volume and intensity. Experiment with using different pick angles, pressure, and speed to create different sounds.
  2. Practice fingerpicking: Fingerpicking allows for a greater range of dynamics compared to using a pick. Use your fingers to pluck the strings with varying degrees of force to create a wider range of volume and tone.
  3. Utilize palm muting: Palm muting involves lightly resting the palm of your picking hand on the strings near the bridge to reduce the sustain and create a muted, percussive sound. Varying the amount of pressure can create different levels of dynamics.
  4. Experiment with your guitar’s volume and tone controls: Adjusting your guitar’s volume and tone controls can also create different levels of dynamics. Experiment with turning the volume up or down, and adjusting the tone to find the sweet spot for your desired sound.
  5. Practice playing with feeling: Dynamics are not just about volume, but also about expression. Practice playing with feeling, using vibrato, bends, slides, and other techniques to convey emotion in your playing.

Remember that dynamics are not just about playing loud or soft, but about using a range of volumes and expression to create a more interesting and dynamic musical experience. Practice these techniques regularly, and experiment with different combinations to find the right balance for your playing style.

Guitar Dynamic Lesson 1

Listen the lesson here:

Same lesson in Half Speed:

Here is the tab:

Guitar Dynamic Lesson 2

Here is the Audio for lesson 2:

Lesson 2 in half speed:

Here is tab for Dynamics lesson 2:

Guitar Dynamic Lesson 3

This lesson is a lick from Dream Theater Pull Me Under. A great Lesson for Dynamics.

Audio for lesson 3:

Lesson 3 in half speed:

Guitar Dynamic Lesson 4

Audio for Lesson 4:

In Half Speed:


Guitar Dynamics Lesson from Marty Friedman

Guitar Dynamics Lesson 5

Here is the final one and the hardest one. Another one from John Petrucci..


In Half Speed:

Guitar Dynamics Lesson from John Petrucci

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