Categories: Lessons, Tabs

by Nazmus Sakib


Categories: Lessons, Tabs

by Nazmus Sakib


Extreme Rise Tab

Extreme’s upcoming album “Six” has just released its first single, titled “Rise”. The song debuted on March 1, 2023, along with a music video directed by the band’s guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt.Video Shoot done in Los Angeles. The release of the single coincided with the opening of pre-orders for the album, marking Extreme’s return to the studio after a fifteen-year hiatus since their last studio release. Received a lots of request For Extreme Rise Tab and here it is.

Lets talk little bit more about this song first, Extreme frontmant Gary Cherone told about this track, “Musically, it’s aggressive. Lyrically, it’s a cautionary tale on the rise and fall of fame. You get seduced into it. Once you’re on top, they’ll rip you apart and tear you down. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Song meaning:

The song “Rise” appears to be a powerful and somewhat ambiguous anthem about the rise and fall of power and success. The first verse talks about looking around at a “little town” that is both “lost and found,” suggesting a place where people go to find themselves or escape from something. However, the next lines warn that “if you stay your decay will define you,” suggesting that staying too long in one place can lead to stagnation and decline.

The chorus seems to encourage the listener to take action, join the group, and “ride the lightning” of life. The phrase “I’m gonna lift you up, up, up, up / Straight to the top / Gonna raise you up, up, up, up / Then rip you apart” could be interpreted in different ways, possibly as a message of support and encouragement to reach for success, or a warning about the dangers of ambition and the potential for destruction that can come with it.

The second verse seems to address the fleeting nature of power and success, suggesting that even a “new king” will eventually fall and that every “king must die.” The final lines of the song appear to be a list of commands or instructions, possibly suggesting that the key to success is to take what you want, but also to be prepared to leave it behind.

Extreme – Rise – Full Song Guitar Pro Tab Download:

Extreme – Rise – Guitar Solo Gp Tab Download:

If you want to hear this solo only, here it is:

And here is the tab for this:

Extreme – Rise – Monster Lick Guitar Pro Tab Download:

Here if you want to listen only the monster lick part :

And here the lick in half speed (88BPM)


Extreme Rise Tab
Extreme Rise Monster lick Tab (Drop D Tuning)

If you want tab for only this part, here it is:

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