Categories: Guitar Riff

by Nazmus Sakib


Categories: Guitar Riff

by Nazmus Sakib


Metal Riff Lesson With Guitar Pro Tab

In this series I will list, and give Easy Metal Riffs lesson for Intermediate Players. Those are sounds amazing but actually not that hard if you try. And those are not overplayed riffs and not forbidden to play in guitar center :P

Lesson 6: Unholy Confessions By Avenged Sevenfold

Its the second track from their second album Waking the fallen. One of my most fav song by A7x. Its also the first album for Guitarist Synyster Gates. Lots of Palm muting in this Metal Core Riff.

Listen The riff here:

Unholy Confessions Riff

Here is the tab for this:

Beginner metal Riffs
Unholy Confession Riff Tab

Here is Guitar Pro Tab For This:

Lesson 7: Question By System Of A Down

A Crazy Song From A Crazy Band. Its from their 4th Studio Album Mezmerize. A fast Riff With Lots of Chords. There are heavy Palm Muting on Second Circle.

Listen the audio here:

Question Riff

Here is the tab for Question:

Metal Riffs Lesson
Question Riff Tab

Here is the guitar pro tab:

Metal Riff Lesson 8: Beat it By Michael Jackson

A song from Michael Jackons 6Th Studio Album ” Thriller ” . In this album almost all songs is a killer. In This particular song guitar Is Played by Van halen. This riff is easy as well as tricky.

Listen the riff here:

Here is the tab for Beat it:

Guitar Pro Exercise Riff
Beat it Riff Tab

Download the guitar pro tab here:

Metal Riff Lesson 9: Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

A classic from Ozzy’s Debut Album “Blizzard of Ozz”. Guitar played by Rhandy Rhoads.

Listen the riff here:

Crazy Train Riff

Here is the tab for Crazy Train Intro:

Guitar Pro Exercise Riff
Crazy Train Riff Tab

Get the Crazy Train Guitar Pro Tab here:

Metal Riff Lesson 10: Fear Of The Dark By Iron Maiden

One of Iron Maidens most popular song from their 9Th Studio Album “Fear Of The Dark”.

This riff is lead styles and very identical to Iron maiden Signature sound.

Listen the riff here:

Fear Of The Dark Riff

here is the tab for this:

Metal Riffs Lesson
Fear of the dark Guitar Tab

Download the guitar pro tab for this:

Check Part 1 Of Metal Riffs For Intermediate Players here.

If You Have any suggestion of any song to include in this Metal Riffs Lesson Series, please comment below, that would be much appreciated :)

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