by Michael Yarbrough


by Michael Yarbrough


Songs with Interesting Rhythms

Tired with same rhytm patterns thats already used in 1000 other songs ? Here we go … I tried to remember Songs with Interesting Rhythms and able to remembered 5 songs that have diffrent rhythm patterns or at least a bit different… Let me know more songs in comment section…

1. Ei Bidaye by Artcell

I dont understand the lyrics, its in Bengali language but this is the song that gave me idea to write a blog on this topic .. Awesome song and a great solo in the middle. Also there is a great Modulation in the end.

Guitar Tab: Unfortunately I didnt able to find the tab for this. But I Figured out the chords in the intro

Its G – GM7th/F# – G6/B – Cadd9

Songs with Interesting Rhythms : ei bidaye - artcell

Fret Position: G Major : 3 2 0 0 3 3

G Major 7th / F# : 2 2 0 0 3 3

G 6th / B : x 2 2 0 3 3

C Major Added 9th: x 3 2 0 3 3

2. The Day I Left The Womb – Escape The Fate

Such an emotional Lyric, Great Vocal and Off course great rhythm.. The song starts in Am. Download the tab from below.

3. Road To Nowhere – Bullet For My Valentine

Another Acoustic Song From Another Metalcore band. Seems Like Metalcore bands are very good in acoustic Rhythms too :D. And a great lyric as well.

4. Heart Of Gold – Neil Young

Okay enough modern song for today. Lets go back to classic. A classic from Neil Young. This guy best in metronome lol …

Some Great Chord used in this song like Started with Em7 also used G6/add9/E in Chorus.

5. Wild World – Mr Big / Yusuf / Cat Steven

This is originally from Cat Steven. However guitar works in Mr Big Version is too great.. (Because its Paul Gilbert :D) ..

Many awesome chords used in this song.. check guitar pro tab for rhythm pattern.

Chords that used in Wild World:

Songs with Interesting Rhythms
Wild World Chords – Mr Big

Listen the song:

If you have some suggestions for Songs with Interesting Rhythms Part 2 let me know in comment section. Thank you !!

Check everything about Cadd9 Chord


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