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top 10 easy popular guitar songs

Today we will learn 10 songs that are very easy to learn, mostly with some open basic chords , or a few barre chords or 7th Chords. While learning those songs if you find some chords that you haven’t learned yet , try to learn this time. You should not stay in comfort zone and play only songs with the chord progression you already know. I will also add guitar pro file (you need guitar pro software to play them – if you dont have guitar pro software – comment below and i will tell you the process). But remember Guitar pro files here are more accurate and with plucking, solos etc etc, So if you beginner i recommend you to go with Chord Pdf file only. Top 10 Easy popular guitar songs With Chords / Tabs:

1. Heallelujah – Jeff Buckley

A classic song and a very popular song By Jeff Buckley. 4 open Chords & 1 Barre Chords. If you a beginner Probably this is first time you are going to learn a 7th Chord… That is E Dominant 7th or Simply called 7th Chord.

Chords used in this song :

Top 10 Easy popular guitar songs With Chords / Tabs:
Heallelujah Guitar Chords

Download Hallelujah Chords

Download Hallelujah GP File

Listen The song here:

2. All I Want – Kodaline

A very popular song by kodaline. I really like the lyrics of this song. There are 5 Open Chords and 1 Barre Chord. You will learn a new slash chord in this song. G/B is a slash chord, its pronouced G over B, It means you play G chord Just with B as Bass note.

Chord used in All i want :

Top 10 Easy popular guitar songs With Chords / Tabs:
Chord used in All I Want

All I Want Chords

All I Want Guitar Pro File

Listen the song:

3. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Everyday i see at least one cover of this song in social media or around me :D In this one you are going to learn 2 more new chords .. 5 open chords and 2 slash chord in this song. 1 Sus4 Chord also used in this song.

Chord Chart for this song:

Perfect Ed Sheeran

Perfect Chords

Perfect Guitar Pro Tab

Here is the link to the song:

4. Hey Soul Sister – Train

4 Chord Song .. Very easy chording song for beginner : )

Chord chart for Hey soul sister:

Hey Soul Siter Guitar Chord Chart

Download Hey Soul Sister Chords

Download Hey Soul Sister Guitar Pro Tab

Youtube link:

5. Creep – Radiohead

One of my most favorite song Of All time. That Major to Minor Chord Changing is insane.

Chord chart for Creep

Top 10 Easy popular guitar songs With Chords / Tabs:
Creep – Radiohead Chord Chart

Creep Chords

Creep Guitar Pro Tab

6. Love Story – Taylor Swift

One of my fav Taylor Swift Song. There are 5 Open Chords and 2 Barre chords used in this song.

Chord Chart for Love Story:

Love Story – Taylor Swift Chord Chart

Love Story Chords

Love Story Guitar Pro Tab

7. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Another Ed Sheeran Song & Another Slashed Chord. This time C over E, just same as C but also play the Open E on first as bass note. A very popular Ed Sheeran Song.

Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran Chord Chart

Thinking Out Loud Chords

Thinking Out Loud Guitar Pro Tab

8. Love Yourself – Justin Biebar

Before righting this article i didnt know Slashed chords are now too common in pop songs lol… Another slashed chord though you already learnt that if you followed all previous song..

Here is the chord chart for Love yourself:

Love yourself – Justin beiber Chord Chart

Love Yourself Chords

Love Yourself Guitar Pro Tab

9. Let Her Go – Passenger

An easy song with easy chords.. one barre chord and 4 open chords.

Here is the chord chart for Let her go:

Top 10 Easy popular guitar songs With Chords / Tabs:
Let Her Go – Passenger Chord Chart

Download Let Her Go Chords

Download Let Her Go Guitar Pro Tab

10. Hurt – Johnny Cash

Intro Sounds similar ? Yeah it reminds me about Californication By Rhcp.. A great song to learn..

Here is the chord chart for Hurt:

Top 10 Easy popular guitar songs With Chords / Tabs:
Hurty – Johnny Cash Chord Chart

Download Hurt Chords

Download Hurt Guitar Pro Tab

Top 10 Easy popular guitar songs With Chords / Tabs chart:

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Song Name Artist Name Download Chord Download Guitar Pro File
Hallelujah Jeff Buckley Hallelujah Chord Hallelujah GP File
All I Want Kodaline All I Want Chord All I Want Gp File
Perfect Ed Sheeran Perfect Chord Perfect Gp File
Hey Soul Sister Train Hey Soul Sister Chord Hey Soul Sister Gp File
Creep Radiohead Creep Chord Creep Gp File
Love Story Taylor Swift Love Story Chord Love Story Gp File
Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud Chord Thinking Out Loud Gp File
Love Yourself Justin Beiber Love Yourself Chord Love Yourself Gp File
Let Her Go Passenger Let Her Go Chord Let Her Go Gp File
Hurt Johnny Cash Hurt Chord Hurt Gp File
Top 10 Easy Popular guitar songs chord and guitar pro tab Table

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