Shredding guitar licks

5 Guitar Licks For Shredders (With Guitar Tab)

In This Post I will Give 5 Guitar Licks for Intermediate / Advance Guitar Shredders with Audio, Tabs And Guitar Pro File. Those are very effective lessons and i practiced them a lot once. I will post more licks like this in future Guitar licks For Shredders Series, keep following and learning them an i am sure you will be much comfortable in shredding : )

Guitar Lick 1:

First One Is A Legato. But not an easy one , practice slowly and increase speed. Try to achieve same speed as the one in Guitar Pro / Mp3 File. Its a Paul Gilbert Style Legato Guitar Lick.
Listen Legato Guitar Lick 1
Legato exercise
Legato Guitar Lick 1 Tab

Guitar Lick 2

Another legato lick but this one i guess easier than above one.
Listen Legato Guitar Lick 2 Tab
Legato guitar licks
Legato Guitar Lick 2 Tab

Guitar Lick 3: A Fast G Major Run Lick

A fast Guitar Lick in G Major. A tip for you is, when i first learnt this lick i also tried to figured out the backup of this licks and thats very interesting pratice. This will help you your sense of music. I suggest you to do this for all licks you learn.
Listen Guitar Lick 3 : G major Run
G major guitar run
G major Run Guitar Tab

Guitar Lick 4: Another fast guitar run

Another fast guitar run. Try to pick it up in same tempo.
A fast guitar run
A fast guitar run  licks
A fast guitar run

Guitar Lick 5: Diminished guitar lick by Michael Angelo

I would say the toughest one. Try to learn the note first in slow tempo then try to play in exact same tempo as the tab.
Listen Diminished guitar lick
Diminished Guitar licks

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