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3 Advance Sweep Picking Exercises Tab from Jason Becker Music

Jason Becker used sweep picking extensively in many of his songs. Today, we have created advanced sweep picking exercises tab from three of his songs: ‘Altitudes,’ ‘Images,’ and ‘Serrana.

Jason Becker is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, known for his incredible technical prowess and innovative playing style. One of his signature techniques is sweep picking, which involves playing arpeggios with a sweeping motion of the pick across the strings.

For guitarists looking to take their sweep picking to the next level, Jason Becker has shared some advanced exercises that can help develop speed, accuracy, and fluidity. These exercises are not for the faint of heart, but they can be incredibly rewarding for those who put in the time and effort to master them.

Exercises 1: Altitudes

This instrumental guitar masterpiece is a fan favorite and showcases Becker’s incredible sweep picking abilities. The song features intricate melodies and fast arpeggios played with precision and fluidity. This instrumental guitar masterpiece was released on Jason Becker’s 1988 album “Perpetual Burn.” The album was a critical success and has become a cult classic among guitarists and metal fans.

Listen the Sweep Picking Part:

Altitudes – Jason Becker – Sweep Picking Part

Exercises 2: Images

This song is a fusion of rock and classical music, with Becker’s virtuosic sweep picking serving as the centerpiece of the piece. The song features sweeping arpeggios, intricate fingerpicking patterns, and melodic riffs that showcase Becker’s exceptional talent as a guitarist.

Images released on Cacophony’s 1988 album “Go Off!,” which featured both Jason Becker and Marty Friedman on guitar. The album was a groundbreaking release in the world of instrumental rock and metal, showcasing the duo’s virtuosic playing and musical synergy.

Listen the audio here:

Images – Cacophony – Sweep Picking Part

Exercises 3: Serrana (Live)

Serrana” – This song is a flamenco-inspired piece that highlights Becker’s versatility as a guitarist. The song features intricate fingerpicking patterns, rapid-fire sweeps, and a wide range of dynamic and emotional playing. It is a masterclass in sweep picking and demonstrates Becker’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres of music. This song was also included on “Perspective,” which was Jason Becker’s last album before he was diagnosed with ALS. Despite the physical limitations imposed by the disease, Becker continued to compose music and inspire countless musicians around the world.

This is the most advanced lesson in this list.

Listen the audio here:

Serranna – Jason Becker – Sweep Picking Part

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