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C major CHord Progression

List of C Major Chord Progression with Song Example: A Beginner’s Guide

70% of popular songs are in the key of C,” my teacher once said, LOL. While this might be a slight exaggeration, it underscores a vital truth in music: the key of C Major holds a special place, especially in Western music. If you’re just starting out on your guitar journey, there’s no better place to begin than with the key of C Major. Renowned for its simplicity and musicality, C Major is fundamental to understanding the structure of most popular songs. We will provide a list of C major chord progression with sone example in this post.

This key’s widespread use is partly due to its straightforward nature – no sharps or flats, just pure and simple notes. This makes it not only accessible for beginners but also a favorite among seasoned composers and songwriters for its versatility and pleasant harmonics.

So, grab your guitar, and let’s embark on this musical adventure through the key of C Major!

C Major Chord Scale:

If you dont know what chord scale is .. Simply a chord scale is a collection of chords that are built from a particular scale, for example, a C major chord scale would include chords built from the notes of the C major scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B). Most of the next chord on A song that start with C would be from Dm or Em Or F or G or Aminor or B Diminished … So you need to learn that first…..

Listen to C Major Chord Scale:
C Major Chord Progression

List of C Major Chord Progression:

Here are 30 Most Common C major chord progressions. These progressions are suitable for a variety of musical styles and are great for songwriting and practice:

  1. C – G – Am – F
  2. C – Am – F – G
  3. C – F – G – C
  4. C – G – F – C
  5. C – F – C – G
  6. C – Am – G – F
  7. C – G – Am – Em – F – C – F – G
  8. C – Em – Am – F – G
  9. C – F – Am – G – Em – F
  10. C – G/B – Am – G – F
  11. C – Fmaj7 – G – Am
  12. C – Am – Dm – G
  13. C – Em – F – G
  14. C – G – C – F
  15. C – Am – Em – F – G
  16. C – F – Dm – G
  17. C – G – Am – F – Dm – G
  18. C – Am – F – G – Em – Am
  19. C – F – G – Am – F
  20. C – Dm – G – Em – Am
  21. C – Fmaj7 – G – Em – Am
  22. C – G – F – Am – G
  23. C – Am – G – F – Dm – G
  24. C – F – G – C – Am – F
  25. C – G – F – Em – Am – G
  26. C – Am – Em – G – F
  27. C – G – Am – F – G – Em – Am
  28. C – F – G – Em – Am – F – G
  29. C – Am – F – G – C – G – Am – F
  30. C – G – F – C – Am – G – F – G

Some popular song starting from C Major Chord

Here are ten popular easy songs that are predominantly in the key of C Major. These songs span various genres and decades, showcasing the versatility of this key:

  • “Imagine” by John Lennon
  • “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac
  • “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • “La Bamba” by Ritchie Vallens
  • “Let It Be” by the Beatles
  • “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley
  • “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen (Jeff Buckley Cover)
  • “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars
8 Classic Songs in C Major - Strum Along & Guitar Lesson (C, Dm, Em, E7, F, G, Am)

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Try that in a small town chords - jason aldean

Try That In A Small Town Chords – Jason Aldean

“Try That In A Small Town” is a country song by Jason Aldean that was released to country radio in May 2023 as the lead single to his upcoming eleventh studio album. The song has a strong sense of community and loyalty, and its lyrics warn those who would come to a small town looking for trouble that they will be met with a swift and decisive response. Here in this post we will learn Try That In A Small Town Chords.

The music video for the song features Aldean and his band performing the song in a small town. The video also features scenes of people from the town going about their daily lives. The song has received positive reviews from critics, who have praised its strong lyrics and catchy melody. It has also been a commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Try That In A Small Town Chord chart:

Try that in a small town chords

Try That In A Small Town Chords:

A  Bm  G  A
Bm  G  A
[Verse 1]
Bm               G
Sucker punch somebody on a sidewalk
Carjack an old lady at a red light
Bm                G
Pull a gun on the owner of a liquor store
Ya think it's cool, well, act a fool if ya like
Cuss out a cop, spit in his face
A                                G
Stomp on the flag and light it up
Yeah, ya think you're tough
Well, try that in a small town
G              A
See how far ya make it down the road
Bm              A                G
'Round here, we take care of our own
               A                   Bm
You cross that line, it won't take long
                G                         A
For you to find out, I recommend you don't
              Bm         G  A
Try that in a small town
[Verse 2]
Bm                     G
Got a gun that my granddad gave me
A                                    Bm
They say one day they're gonna round up
                          G           A
Well, that shit might fly in the city, good luck
Well, try that in a small town
G              A
See how far ya make it down the road
Bm              A                G
'Round here, we take care of our own
               A                   Bm
You cross that line, it won't take long
                G                         A
For you to find out, I recommend you don't
Try that in a small town
                      A               G
Full of good ol' boys, raised up right
If you're looking for a fight
              Bm         G  A
Try that in a small town
              Bm         A  G
Try that in a small town
Try that in a small town
 G              A
(See how far ya make it down the road)
Bm              A                G
'Round here, we take care of our own
               A                   Bm
You cross that line, it won't take long
                G                         A
For you to find out, I recommend you don't
              Bm         G  A
Try that in a small town
              Bm          G  A
Try that in a small town, mm-mm
              Bm         G  A    Bm  G  A
Try that in a small town

Lyrics meaning of try that in a small town

The song expresses the sentiment of small-town pride and the strong sense of community and protective nature that exists in such places.

The meaning of the lyrics revolves around the idea that engaging in reckless, violent, or disrespectful behavior in a small town will have severe consequences. The song emphasizes that people in small towns take care of their own and are united in looking out for each other. It serves as a warning to those who might try to cause trouble or harm in such a close-knit community.

The specific actions described in the song, such as sucker punching, carjacking, pulling a gun, disrespecting authority, or desecrating the flag, are condemned and portrayed as actions that will not be tolerated in a small town. The song implies that such behavior might be more easily overlooked or go unpunished in larger, more anonymous cities, but in a small town, the community will swiftly respond to protect its values and its people.

Overall, the lyrics of "Small Town" celebrate the values of respect, community, and taking care of one another that are often associated with life in a small town setting. It reinforces the idea that certain behaviors that might be seen as "cool" or rebellious elsewhere will not be tolerated in a close-knit community where people know and care for each other. 
Check the song here:
Jason Aldean - Try That In A Small Town (Official Music Video)

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A Minor Pentatonic Scale – Theory , Shape / Positions with Tabs

A Minor Pentatonic Scale Consist of 5 Notes, its derived from A Major Scale and taking the following notes

  • Root (1)
  • Minor third (b3)
  • Fourth (4)
  • Fifth (5)
  • Minor seventh (b7)

So, for example, in the key of A minor, the notes of the scale would be:

A, C, D, E, G

One important thing to note about the minor pentatonic scale is that it’s essentially a subset of the natural minor scale and it includes the first, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh notes of the natural minor scale.

The theory behind the pentatonic scale is actually quite simple. Because it contains only five notes, it’s a very accessible scale for beginning guitarists and other musicians. And because it omits the second and sixth notes of the natural minor scale, which can sometimes sound dissonant or unstable, it has a very smooth and pleasing sound.

A minor pentatonic scale notes:

A, C, D, E, G

How Am Pentatonic Sounds like:

Here is how it sounds like:

Am Pentatonic Scale Shape 1:

a minor pentatonic scale shape

Am Pentatonic Scale Shape 2:

a minor pentatonic scale shape

Am Pentatonic Scale Shape 3:

a minor pentatonic scale position

Am Pentatonic Scale Shape 4:

Am Pentatonic Scale Shape 5:

Am Pentatonic Scale Shape 6:

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Odd Time Signature Lesson with tabs

Odd Time Signature – 5 Guitar Plucking Exercise With Tabs

An odd time signature is a musical time signature that does not have a simple whole-number ratio between the number of beats in a measure and the note value that represents one beat. Examples of odd time signatures include 5/4, 7/8, or 11/4,These time signatures can create a complex and irregular rhythmic feel, and are often used in jazz and experimental music. Composers and musicians often use odd time signatures to create a sense of tension and dissonance, and to challenge the listener’s sense of expectation and familiarity. You can start with these odd time guitar plucking exercise.

Some song examples with Odd time signature:

  1. The Count Of Tuscany – Dream Theater : 15/8 and 9/4
  2. Last Goodbye – Circus Maximus : 7/8 & 9/8
  3. Plini – Selenium Forest : 7/4
  4. Frame by frame – King Crimson : 7/4
  5. I hung my head – Sting : 9/8

Example 1: 15/8 and 9/4 count:

“The Count of Tuscany” is a song by the American progressive metal band Dream Theater. It is the opening track on their ninth studio album, “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”. The song is known for its complex and dynamic structure, featuring multiple time signature changes and shifting musical themes. The song is also considered as one of the longest songs in Dream Theater’s catalog, clocking in at over 20 minutes in length. The particula part we learn from this song today is 15/8 and 9/4.

Listen the audio here:
15/8, 9/4 Count

Here is the tab:

Odd Time Signature

Example 2: 7/8 & 9/8 count

This part is from Song “The last goodbye” by Circus Maximus. One of my most favorite band of all time and this song is from my favorite Album Nine (2012). In this part they mostly used 7/8 but in 4th bar only they used 9/8 in a beautiful natural way. I prefer natural way that most progressive bands are miss in these days.

Listen the plucking here:
7/8, 9/8 Count

Here is the tab:

7/8 & 9/8 Count

Example 3: 7/4 count

“Selenium Forest” is a song by Australian instrumental progressive rock/metal musician Plini. The song is from his second studio album “Impressions” released in 2018. It features a complex and intricate guitar work, with a mix of melodic and technical playing. The song showcases Plini’s skill as a guitarist and composer, with a delicate and nuanced approach to both melody and rhythm and has been well received by critics and fans alike and is considered as one of Plini’s standout tracks, praised for its emotional depth and musical virtuosity. The song is also part of a number of playlists of instrumental progressive rock and metal.

This partiucalr part is one of the main theme that used in whole song and its on 7/4 Count.

Listen this particular part here:
7/4 Count

Here is the tab:

7/4 count

Example 4: Another 7/4

“Frame by Frame” is a song by the British progressive rock band King Crimson. It is the opening track on their fifth studio album, “Discipline”, released in 1981 and Most of this song is on 7/4 count and some parts are in 4/4.

Listen the song here:
7/4 Count

Here is the tab:

Odd Time Signature

Example 5: 9/8 Count

“I Hung My Head” is a song written and performed by Sting, and was released on his 1996 album “Mercury Falling”. The song was covered by Johnny Cash and released on his album “American III: Solitary Man” in 2000 which was critically acclaimed. The song was also featured in the movie “The Corruptor” and the TV series “The Sopranos” This is the intro from the song.

Listen the plucking here:
9/8 Count

Here is the tab:

Odd Time Signature

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All Major Chord Progression Examples For Guitar and Piano

List of Major Chord Progression

A chord progression is a sequence of chords played in a piece of music. The most common type of chord progression in Western music is the major chord progressions. This progression is built on the foundation of the major scale. A songwriter/ musician / Guitarist can mix and match chords from other scales and modes to add variety, tension, and release to the chord progression. The possibilities are endless when you master this progression and it will give a solid base to start creating your own music.

Learning and understanding chord progressions in guitar / Piano can help musicians play songs by ear and play along with other musicians. This improves performance skills and allows musicians to jam with other musicians more effectively.

Examples in diffrent keys:

C Major Chord Progression:

  • C – G – Am – F
  • C – F – G – C
  • C – G – F – C
  • C – Am – F – G
  • C – G – Am – F – C
  • C – F – C – G – C
  • C – Am – G – F – C
  • C – G – F – Am – G – C
  • C – G – Am – F – G – C
  • C – F – G – Am – F – C

Some Songs In C Major Chord: Here are some Beginner songs in C Major

  1. Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood
  2. HallelujaH by Jeff Buckley
  3. Burn Burn BurN by Zach Bryan
  4. Dandelions by Ruth B.
  5. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s
  6. Count On Me by Bruno Mars
  7. Save Your Tears by The Weeknd
  8. Drops Of Jupiter by Train
  9. Hey Soul Sister by Train
  10. Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott

D Major Chord Progression:

  • D – A – Bm – G
  • D – G – A – D
  • D – Bm – G – A
  • D – G – Bm – A
  • D – A – G – D
  • D – Bm – A – G
  • D – G – A – Bm – G – D
  • D – A – G – Bm – G – D
  • D – G – Bm – A – G – D
  • D – A – Bm – G – A – D

Here are some easy Songs in D major Chord

  1. Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  2. Leaving On A Jet Plane by John Denver
  3. Gratitude Chords by Brandon Lake
  4. Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi
  5. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
  6. Summer Of 69 by Bryan Adams
  7. Cover Me Up by Morgan Wallen
  8. With Or Without You by U2
  9. Demons by Imagine Dragons
  10. That Funny Feeling by Bo Burnham

E Major Chord Progression:

  • E – B – C#m – A
  • E – A – B – E
  • E – C#m – A – B
  • E – A – C#m – B
  • E – B – A – E
  • E – C#m – B – A
  • E – A – B – C#m – A – E
  • E – B – A – C#m – A – E
  • E – A – C#m – B – A – E
  • E – B – A – E – C#m – A

Some Songs In E Major Chord:

  1. Dont Stop Believin by Journey
  2. Where Did You Sleep Last Night Acoustic Chords by Nirvana
  3. Basket Case by Green Day
  4. Welcome To Paradise by Green Day
  5. Crazier by Taylor Swift

F Major Chord Progression:

  • F – C – Dm – Bb
  • F – Bb – C – F
  • F – Dm – Bb – C
  • F – Bb – Dm – C
  • F – C – Bb – F
  • F – Dm – C – Bb
  • F – Bb – C – Dm – Bb – F
  • F – C – Bb – Dm – Bb – F
  • F – Bb – Dm – C – Bb – F
  • F – C – Bb – F – Dm – C

Some Songs In F Major Chord:

  1. Im Not The Only One by Sam Smith
  2. Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
  3. Forget Me by Lewis Capaldi
  4. We Werent Born To Follow by Bon Jovi

G Major Chord Progression:

  • G – D – Em – C
  • G – C – D – G
  • G – Em – C – D
  • G – C – Em – D
  • G – D – C – G
  • G – Em – D – C
  • G – C – D – Em – C – G
  • G – D – C – Em – C – G
  • G – C – Em – D – C – G
  • G – D – C – G – Em – C

Easy G Major Guitar Songs:

  1. Perfect by Ed Sheeran
  2. Creep by Radiohead
  3. Jersey Giant by Tyler Childers
  4. Nobody Gets Me by SZA
  5. The A Team by Ed Sheeran
  6. Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash
  7. Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton
  8. Blowin In The Wind by Bob Dylan
  9. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
  10. Purple Rain by Prince

A Major Chord Progression:

  • A – E – F#m – D
  • A – D – E – A
  • A – F#m – D – E
  • A – D – F#m – E
  • A – E – D – A
  • A – F#m – E – D
  • A – D – E – F#m – D – A
  • A – E – D – F#m – D – A
  • A – D – F#m – E – D – A
  • A – E – D – A – F#m – D

Some Songs in A Major:

  1. Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus
  2. When The Sun Goes Down Chords by Kenny Chesney
  3. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley
  4. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
  5. Stick Season by Noah Kahan
  6. The Man Who Sold The World by Nirvana
  7. Free Fallin by Tom Petty
  8. American Idiot by Green Day

B Major Chord Progression:

  • B – F# – G#m – E
  • B – E – F# – B
  • B – G#m – E – F#
  • B – E – G#m – F#
  • B – F# – E – B
  • B – G#m – F# – E
  • B – E – F# – G#m – E – B
  • B – F# – E – G#m – E – B
  • B – E – G#m – F# – E – B
  • B – F# – E – B – G#m – E

Some Songs In B Major Chord:

Macys Day Parade Chords by Green Day

If you want to create your own chord progression its better to learn Circle of Fifth First. Soon we will write about circle of fifth in detail.

Major Chord Progression
Learn Circle Of Fifth To understand the theory behind it and write your own Chord Progression.

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Dominant 7th Chord Chart, Song Examples & Theory

Dominant 7th Chord Chart & Theory

A dominant 7th chord is a chord that is made up of a root note, a major 3rd, a perfect 5th, and a flatted 7th Note (Or 7th note from minor Scale). It is called a “dominant” chord because it is often used to resolve to the tonic chord in a piece of music.

One of the defining characteristics of a dominant 7th chord is its dissonant sound. The interval between the root and minor 7th is a tritone, which creates a sense of tension and resolution when the chord is played. This dissonance is often resolved when the chord resolves to the tonic chord, creating a sense of resolution and resolution.

Dominant 7th chords are commonly found in blues, jazz, and other types of music that rely on tension and resolution. They are also commonly used in rock and pop music as a way to add interest and complexity to a chord progression.

One of the most famous examples of a dominant 7th chord is the opening chord of the song “A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles. The chord, which is played on a 12-string guitar, consists of the notes G, B, D, and F, creating a G7 chord.

Song examples in Dominant 7th Chord:

  • “A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles – This song opens with a G7 chord played on a 12-string guitar.
  • “Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses – The main guitar riff in this song is built on dominant 7th chords, with the verse sections featuring E7 and A7 chords and the chorus featuring D7 and G7 chords.
  • “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran – This classic rock and roll song features dominant 7th chords throughout, with the verse sections featuring F7 and Bb7 chords and the chorus featuring C7 and G7 chords.
  • “Blue Bossa” by Kenny Dorham – This jazz standard features a series of dominant 7th chords in the A section, including D7, G7, and C7 chords.
  • “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley – This iconic rock and roll song features dominant 7th chords throughout, with the verse sections featuring F7 and C7 chords and the chorus featuring G7 and D7 chords.
  • “Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John – In This song the last chord of verse is C7 and then in chorsu A7 and D7 used as well. This song is featured in our chord series – Song with great chording.

Dominant 7th Chord Chart:

There are many shapes available for each chord but i tried to use Open Chord in this chord chart or most easy and common shapes. Many of those barre chords are movable chords so you can use that same shape and play any chord by moving the frets ..

Dominant 7th Chord Chart
Dominant 7th Chord Chart
Randy Rhoads Moments

Guitar Heroes – Picked their favorite Randy Rhoads Moments

In this post we compiled list of great Randy Rhoads moments picked by some of the great musicians. Randy Rhoads was inpiration for lot of them.

Dimebag Darrell (Pantera / Damageplan) – Diary of a madman

Randy Rhoads Moments

“This song shows a bit of most everything Randy could do. He wrote in a similar dark, heavy-sounding vein as Tony lommi, but he was more versatile. Randy could mix classical play­ing with the demonic stuff. The guitar solo on this song sounds like it fell from the heavens’ I love how he multitracked his guitar to get a really wide sound. Rhoads was just a little dude who exuded classiness, from the way he played to the way he dressed. There’s no telling where guitar playing would be today ifhe were still with us.” (Originally printed in Guitar World, February 2005) !I

Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne / Black label Society) – Over The Mountain

“Man, I remember hearing this at the time with my friends, and we were all totally psyched. Eddie Van Halen was the only guy in· those days, and suddenly here was this Ozzy record with Randy Rhoads, and now we had two top guys. And their styles were mind­blowing, but different. Eddie
was just more fuckin’ insane and off-the-cuff-an incredible impro­viser-whereas with Randy it was about the songwriting and how he would write out and structure his solos.”

Mark Morton (Lamb of god) – Diary of madman

“Of all the killer Randy tracks, this is among the smartest. ln fact, it’s one of the more abstract, dissonant songs from that era. The chords and notes he chose to play literally sound deranged. lt’s actually uncom­fortable to listen to because the chords are so atonal. I think that working and touring with Ozzy, Randy found himself in the middle of insanity, and it bled out of his instrument. Its magical!

Nick Hippa (As i lay dying) – Dee

”Randy will always be my favorite guitar player. When I was young­er, this song made an impact on
how I thought about music and approached the guitar. Here, Randy was embracing a style of music that was so far removed from what he was usually playing. It gave the sense that he was open to all forms and styles of music. I’ve always tried to pursue that goal. rather than be just a metal guitar player.”

Mick Thompson (Slipknot) – Goodbye To Romance

Randy Rhoads Moments

“I only like the ozzy albums with Randy on guitar. I really respect solos that are technically accomplished and say some­ thing, and the solo on ‘Goodbye to Romance’ is a great example of a lyrical guitar solo. It’s one of those leads that makes me cry-a composition within a composition.”

Jerry Cantrell (Alice in chains) – Tonight

“I’d pick this one for Randy’s guitar solo alone, which, in terms of emotive power, is in the same class as David Gilmour’s on’Comfortably Numb.’ This isn’t one of the harder rocking things he did, it’s almost a ballad in a way, though it definitely picks up in the choruses, which have some great chords. That solo is so sad yet beautiful, but it’s not completely down. In fact, it’s really uplifting.”

Jack Black (Tenacious D & Actor) – REVELATION (MOTHER EARTH)

“It starts off like a slow epic with songs and lyrics about ‘The Mother of all Creation I think we’re all going wrong.’ But then at the end it turns into this hard-rocking explosion, as Randy goes into this face-melt­ing classical solo. Delicious.”

Jon Donais (Shadows Fall) – Mr Crowely

“It’s like the national anthem of guitar solos.”

I will add more randy rhoads moments later in this post..

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Shredding guitar licks

5 Guitar Licks For Shredders (With Guitar Tab)

In This Post I will Give 5 Guitar Licks for Intermediate / Advance Guitar Shredders with Audio, Tabs And Guitar Pro File. Those are very effective lessons and i practiced them a lot once. I will post more licks like this in future Guitar licks For Shredders Series, keep following and learning them an i am sure you will be much comfortable in shredding : )

Guitar Lick 1:

First One Is A Legato. But not an easy one , practice slowly and increase speed. Try to achieve same speed as the one in Guitar Pro / Mp3 File. Its a Paul Gilbert Style Legato Guitar Lick.
Listen Legato Guitar Lick 1
Legato exercise
Legato Guitar Lick 1 Tab

Guitar Lick 2

Another legato lick but this one i guess easier than above one.
Listen Legato Guitar Lick 2 Tab
Legato guitar licks
Legato Guitar Lick 2 Tab

Guitar Lick 3: A Fast G Major Run Lick

A fast Guitar Lick in G Major. A tip for you is, when i first learnt this lick i also tried to figured out the backup of this licks and thats very interesting pratice. This will help you your sense of music. I suggest you to do this for all licks you learn.
Listen Guitar Lick 3 : G major Run
G major guitar run
G major Run Guitar Tab

Guitar Lick 4: Another fast guitar run

Another fast guitar run. Try to pick it up in same tempo.
A fast guitar run
A fast guitar run  licks
A fast guitar run

Guitar Lick 5: Diminished guitar lick by Michael Angelo

I would say the toughest one. Try to learn the note first in slow tempo then try to play in exact same tempo as the tab.
Listen Diminished guitar lick
Diminished Guitar licks

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5 Killer Alternate Picking Exercise With Tabs

5 Best James Hetfield Down Picking Riff Exercise With Tabs

What is Cascading and 3 Cascade Run Licks with Tabs

Songs with Interesting Rhythms

5 Songs with Interesting Rhythms (With Tab)

Tired with same rhytm patterns thats already used in 1000 other songs ? Here we go … I tried to remember Songs with Interesting Rhythms and able to remembered 5 songs that have diffrent rhythm patterns or at least a bit different… Let me know more songs in comment section…

1. Ei Bidaye by Artcell

I dont understand the lyrics, its in Bengali language but this is the song that gave me idea to write a blog on this topic .. Awesome song and a great solo in the middle. Also there is a great Modulation in the end.

Guitar Tab: Unfortunately I didnt able to find the tab for this. But I Figured out the chords in the intro

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Its G – GM7th/F# – G6/B – Cadd9

Songs with Interesting Rhythms : ei bidaye - artcell

Fret Position: G Major : 3 2 0 0 3 3

G Major 7th / F# : 2 2 0 0 3 3

G 6th / B : x 2 2 0 3 3

C Major Added 9th: x 3 2 0 3 3

2. The Day I Left The Womb – Escape The Fate

Such an emotional Lyric, Great Vocal and Off course great rhythm.. The song starts in Am. Download the tab from below.

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3. Road To Nowhere – Bullet For My Valentine

Another Acoustic Song From Another Metalcore band. Seems Like Metalcore bands are very good in acoustic Rhythms too :D. And a great lyric as well.

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4. Heart Of Gold – Neil Young

Okay enough modern song for today. Lets go back to classic. A classic from Neil Young. This guy best in metronome lol …

Some Great Chord used in this song like Started with Em7 also used G6/add9/E in Chorus.

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5. Wild World – Mr Big / Yusuf / Cat Steven

This is originally from Cat Steven. However guitar works in Mr Big Version is too great.. (Because its Paul Gilbert :D) ..

Many awesome chords used in this song.. check guitar pro tab for rhythm pattern.

Chords that used in Wild World:

Songs with Interesting Rhythms
Wild World Chords – Mr Big

Listen the song:

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If you have some suggestions for Songs with Interesting Rhythms Part 2 let me know in comment section. Thank you !!

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Song With Great Chording

Excellent Chording in the Song- Surrounded – Dream Theater

I believe if you want to be a good composer, the first thing we should focus on more is Chording. When writing the original song, we often stick with common chording’s that have already been used on millions of songs. 

In this “Song with great Chording” Series I will suggest songs with some exotic/uncommon chording’s and hopefully you will learn new chords and their uses:)

Suggest me more songs in the comment box, please ;

In this episode we will discuss Chords of Surrounded by Dream Theater. This is 4th Track From Their second Album Images and Words, Released in July 7, 1992. This is one of Dt’s coolest chord progressions that fits beautifully.


Tuning: Standard Tuning

Key: G

Chord used in this song :

coolest chord progressions - Beautiful chord

The intro is : D* Cadd9 D* Cadd9

Here is the Verse 1 :

coolest chord progressions - Beautiful chords

Instrumental part is the coolest chord progressions : G C D Cadd11, This played for 3 Times.

Then here is the second verse:

Intermediate Chord Progression

Then Verse 3:

Great example of uses of 7th Chord

Here is the bridge :

coolest chord progressions - Beautiful chords

Outro is the most soothing one.. Here is the chord for the outro:

Dream theater chord progression

Read here Episode 3 of song with great chording.

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