Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

Harmonic Minor Chord Scale in Every Key – Audio & Tabs

What is Harmonic Minor Chord Scale?

To form a harmonic minor chord scale, we use the notes of the harmonic minor scale to build chords using a specific formula. Harmonic Minor has a distinct sound due to the raised seventh degree of the scale, which is a half step higher than the natural minor scale. The formula for building chords from the harmonic minor scale is as follows:

i – ii(dim) – III+ – iv – V – VI – vii(dim)


  • i represents the tonic chord, which is a minor triad built on the first note of the scale
  • ii(dim) represents a diminished triad built on the second note of the scale
  • III+ represents an augmented triad built on the third note of the scale
  • iv represents a minor triad built on the fourth note of the scale
  • V represents a major triad built on the fifth note of the scale
  • VI represents a major triad built on the sixth note of the scale
  • vii(dim) represents a diminished triad built on the seventh note of the scale

For example, if we were to build a harmonic minor chord scale starting on A, we would have the following chords:

A minor – B diminished – C augmented – D minor – E major – F major – G# diminished – A minor

A Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

A# Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

B Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

C Harmonic Minor Chord Scale


C# Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

D Harmonic Minor Chord Scale


D# Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

E Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

F Harmonic Minor Chord Scale


F# Harmonic Minor Chord Scale


G Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

Harmonic Minor Chord Scale

G# Harmonic Minor Chord Scale


More chords scales are coming soon including Melodic Minor, Major 7th, Minor 7th, dominant etc etc

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