A7 Guitar Chord (A Dominant 7) means A major chord with a b7th note from A major scale (or 7th note of minor scale). So the notes are :A, C#, E and G.

The emotion of D7 is usually funky / uplifting with slight resolve but sometimes its dark as well (the emotion also depends on progression).

the open A7 chord is very popular in Blues music but also used in many rock ballads.

A7 Guitar Chord Diagram
The most common A7 Chord Shape

This sounds like this while streaming(standard tuning) :

Chord Formula: 1, 3, 5, b7

Notes used in A7: A, C#, E, G

Some alternative shapes are:

A7 Guitar Chord shapes
A dominant chord alternative shapes

Some popular Songs that used A7 dominant:

I have Compiled 6 songs that used A7 chord. And i also put all those songs tab in a pdf that you can download from below.

  1. See You – Foo Figther: Probably Our Favori Dave learnt that chord on that day and he used this almost on every line :P A great song and one of my most fav song by foo figther.
  2. I saw her standing there – Beatles: E7, B7, A7, E9 .. you can learn many new chords in this song.
  3. Sweet Home Chicago – The Blues Brothers: Lots of dominant and 5th chord used in this song.
  4. Grow Old With You – Adam Sandler: When in chorus it says Grow old with you, chorus ends with A to A dominant 7th.. Nice shift : )
  5. You ve got a friend – Carole King: A lot of people know this song as James taylor song but actually its originally from Carole king that released in 1971. I would say this one as advance song. A lot of advance chords used in this song.
  6. Who Says – John Mayer: Another great song with lots of chord. There are diminished, minor 7, dominant 7 and sus 2& sus4 chord used in this song.

Download 6 Song Example Tabs that used A dominant 7

A song for advanced player – You have got a friend by carole king. Lots of dominant 7, minor 7, sus, maj , even 11th chord!!

FAQ On A7 Chord:

Q:What is formula for A7?

A: Major Triad + b7

So its 3 Notes from Major Chord and Flatted 7th note so notes are A, C#, E, G.

Q: Is dominant 7 same as Major 7?

A: They are not same while Major 7 is Triad and the 7th note from the scale, In dominant chord we use Flatted 7 (b7) – Previous note of 7th note from the major scale.

Q: Why is A7 chord named as dominant 7th Chord?

A: Its because G is the 7th note of A dominant scale (A mixolydian).

Q: Is A7 dominant a Major or Minor Chord?

A: Theoritically its a major chord. However once i read somewhere they call dominant as 7majorminor Chord, LOL. They are not wrong either becuase its used a major triad (1, 3 and 5th note from the major scale) and 7th note from the minor scale.

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