Explore the captivating realm of augmented chords through our comprehensive guide, “Augmented Chords – Song Examples, Triads & Theory.” Delve into the intriguing tonal colors and harmonic possibilities offered by augmented chords across diverse musical genres. From iconic Beatles tracks to the intricate harmonies of jazz, uncover how augmented chords enhance melodic lines, create tension, and enrich chord progressions.

Discover the distinct roles of augmented triads in crafting memorable musical phrases. And their significance in modal interchange, deceptive cadences, and surprising harmonic twists. What’s more, all the song examples featured in this guide come complete with downloadable chords and tabs, allowing you to dive deeper into the practical application of augmented chords. Embark on a musical journey that unlocks the vibrant world of augmented chords and their endless creative potential.

Augmented Triad: Theory

In the realm of music theory, where major and minor chords take the spotlight, the augmented chord emerges as a captivating enigma. Comprising two major thirds or an augmented fifth, this chord has intrigued composers and musicians for ages. Imagine the C major triad – C, E, and G – and then elevate the fifth note by a semitone, transforming G to G♯. This transformation gives birth to the enchanting C – E – G♯ sequence, distinctive and unexpected.

Augmented chords possess a unique intervallic structure that sets them apart. Unlike conventional chords built from stacked major and minor thirds, augmented chords form. From two successive major thirds, creating a symmetrical pattern brimming with tension. What’s more, these chords defy diatonic scales, transcending traditional harmonic boundaries. Take C augmented – C, E, and G♯ – a combination that defies easy categorization within standard scales, rendering augmented chords wonderfully unorthodox.

Augmented Chord Chart

Here is all Augmented Chord Chart:

Augmented Chord Chart

Augmented Chords – Song Examples

  1. Oh Darling – Beatles: The Beatles’ song “Oh! Darling” exemplifies their mastery of augmented chords. Opening with the captivating sequence E+ to A, the song’s emotional depth is enhanced by the augmented chord’s unique tonal color, a technique they expertly employed in various compositions.

Download Oh Darling by Beatles guitar chord or Oh Darling by Beatles TAB


2. Let There Be Love – Oasis: “Let There Be Love” by Oasis features a melodic journey that resonates with audiences. In the introduction, the song sets a contemplative tone with its evocative lyrics. As the verses unfold, the subtle yet effective use of a C augmented chord adds a layer of complexity and emotion to the progression, showcasing how even a slight harmonic twist can elevate a song’s impact.

Download Let there be love Oasis guitar chord or Let there be love guitar pro tab

3. Life on Mars – David bowie: “Life on Mars?” by David Bowie stands as a testament to his innovative songwriting. The song’s rich harmonic palette includes exotic chords that contribute to its unique flavor. The pre-chorus introduces E aug and A aug chords, while the chorus features the distinctive F# augmented chord. Bowie’s masterful inclusion of 7th and diminished chords throughout the composition showcases his willingness to experiment and push musical boundaries.

Download Life On Mars Chords by david bowie or Life on mars guitar pro tab

4. The Gunners Dream – Pink Floyd: In Pink Floyd’s “The Gunner’s Dream,” the verse opens with a G chord that seamlessly transitions to a G augmented chord, adding an ethereal touch to the song’s poignant lyrics and reflective atmosphere.

Download The Gunners Dream Chords by Pink Floyd or The Gunners dream guitar pro tab

5. For Once In My Life – Stevie Wonder: Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life” showcases his musical brilliance with a blend of intricate chords like D, D#, E, and F, augmented chords. The song’s rich tapestry also features a variety of 6th and 7th chords, highlighting Wonder’s harmonically diverse style.

Download For Once In My Life Chords by Stevie Wonder or For Once In my life Guitar pro tab


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