Metal Riff Triplet Lesson – 1

This lesson is very effective to start learning Triplet. It’s a song from “Fate of Norns” Album Released in 2004 by Amon Amarth. Song’s name is Pursuit Of Vikings.

I added Guitar pro file, PNG Image, and Mp3.
Metal Riff Triplet Exercise – 1

Here is the guitar pro file to download

Metal Riff Triplet Exercise – 1

Play slowly and you will get there.

Let me know in comments if you have any question.

Check here part 2

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8 thoughts on “Metal Riff Triplet Lesson – 1

  1. There are literally no triplets in this exercise whatsoever–just straight 8th and 16th notes. Spoiler alert: lesson two on triplets also does not contain ANY triplets.
    These do nothing to help learning triplets.

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