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Guitar Triplets Exercise

Guitar Triplets Exercise With Minor Pentatonic Scale

Today we will learn 5 Guitar Triplets Exercise With All 5 Positions of Minor Pentatonic Scale in the Key of A.

What is Triplet In Guitar ?

Triplets are a type of rhythm that divides a beat into three equal parts. In other words, instead of playing four evenly spaced notes in a beat, you’ll play three notes that are evenly spaced. Here’s example of a triplet rhythm: 1-trip-let 2-trip-let 3-trip-let 4-trip-let

Once you feel comfortable playing the first position of the scale in triplets, you can move on to the second position, and so on until you’ve played all five positions. Here are the five positions of the A minor pentatonic scale, all played in triplets:

Triplet Lesson 1 – A Minor Pentatonic Position 1:

Here is the audio:

Guitar Triplets Exercise

Triplet Lesson 2 – A Minor Pentatonic Position 2:

Listen Position 2:



Triplet Lesson 3 – A Minor Pentatonic Position 3:

Listen to position 3:



Guitar Triplets Exercise

Guitar Triplets Exercise 4 – A Minor Pentatonic Position 4:

Listen to Position 4:



Guitar Triplets Exercise 5 – A Minor Pentatonic Position 5:

Here is the position 5:



Guitar Triplets Exercise

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Metal Riff Triplet Lesson

Easy Metal Riff Triplet Lesson Part 2

This lesson is very effective to start learning Metal Riff Triplet. Its a part of the song from Holier Than Thou from Metallica Self Titled album released in 1991.

Listen the riff here:

Metal Riff Triplet Lesson 2

Here is the tab for this Metal Riff :

Metal Riff Triplet Lesson
Metal Riff Triplet Lesson

Download the guitar pro lesson for this Riff:

Here Check Out Metal Riff Triplet part 1

If you have any suggestion of any riff please comment below. Thank you!