Excellent Chording in the Song- Surrounded – Dream Theater

I believe if you want to be a good composer, the first thing we should focus on more is Chording. When writing the original song, we often stick with common chording’s that have already been used on millions of songs. 

In this “Song with great Chording” Series I will suggest songs with some exotic/uncommon chording’s and hopefully you will learn new chords and their uses:)

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In this episode we will discuss Chords of Surrounded by Dream Theater. This is 4th Track From Their second Album Images and Words, Released in July 7, 1992. This is one of Dt’s coolest chord progressions that fits beautifully.


Tuning: Standard Tuning

Key: G

Chord used in this song :

coolest chord progressions - Beautiful chord

The intro is : D* Cadd9 D* Cadd9

Here is the Verse 1 :

coolest chord progressions - Beautiful chords

Instrumental part is the coolest chord progressions : G C D Cadd11, This played for 3 Times.

Then here is the second verse:

Intermediate Chord Progression

Then Verse 3:

Great example of uses of 7th Chord

Here is the bridge :

coolest chord progressions - Beautiful chords

Outro is the most soothing one.. Here is the chord for the outro:

Dream theater chord progression

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