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Guitar Bending Lesson & Country Guitar Licks

Guitar Bending Lesson With 6 Country Guitar Licks

In this lesson we will discuss 6 Country guitar licks and there are some amazing bending on those licks. This is basically for Intermediate / Advance level players. These are lesson by Arlen Roth, a great guitar player and was columist for Guitar player magazine during 1982-1992. I put guitar pro tabs and mp3 as well. Hope you will like it : )

# Lick 1 : Lots of Guitar Bending

This Country licks is pretty simple 1 but remember to focus on correct pitches while bends : )

Listen audio here :


Here is the tab:

Country Guitar Lesson / Bending Guitar lesson - 1

Guitar pro tab:

#Lick 2: A classic Country guitar lick

This one have kind of blues feel, more specifically Mark knopfler style .. I feel this one is easier to play without pick.

Listen the audio here :


Here is the tab for this lesson

Country Guitar Licks

Download the tab here :

#Lick 3: More Guitar Bending

Well its getting harder now, this one is bit faster and notes are arpeggiated.

Listen the audio here :


Here is the tab for this :

Country Guitar Licks

Download the guitar pro tab here:

#Lick 4: Country Guitar licks with lots of double notes

Listen the audio here:


Here is the guitar pro tab:

Country Guitar Licks

Download guitar pro tab here:

#Lick 5: Hardest Country guitar lick :P

Pull,, Hammer, Bends, Double Notes Every lesson in same lick ;) This one is the hardest one among these 6 licks.

Listen the audio here:


Here is the tab for this:

Bending Guitar Lesson

Download the guitar pro tab

#Lick 6: Play with Feel

Play with some feels :)

Listen the audio here:


Here is the tab for this lick:

Bending Guitar Lesson

Download the guitar pro tab here:

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