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7 string skipping exercises With Guitar Pro Tabs

What Is String Skipping?

String Skipping is simply playing notes on non-adjacent strings. Usually, guitarists play linearly or in a straight fashion, while in string skipping we jump over the stings or simply skip a string. This need a very high level synchronisation between left hand and right hand.

String Skipping Tips:

  • I would say string skipping is an advanced-level technique because players need excellent coordination between 2 hands, so the first thing that you need to fix is sync between hands.
  •  And even before that, I would suggest learning the notes first, and memorizing them well so you can focus on your picking hand.
  •  Start slowly and off-course use Metronome.

String Skipping Exercises

In this lesson we will learn 7 very Effective exercises and i am sure if you master on them, You will be able to create your own String skipping licks and will be able to use them in your own compositions. Good Luck!!

Exercise 1: Yngwie Malmsteen Style / Neo Classical

A very fast lick, Malmsteen often this type of phrasing with String skipping. Practice slowly like 70BPM and gradually increase speed once you memorized all notes.

Yngwie Malmsteen Style / Neo Classical String Skipping Lick

Here is the tab for this:

Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar Lesson

Exercise 2: Paul Gilbert Style Legato String Skipping

Paul Gilbert is one of the most notable Legato & String Skipping player. In this lick we will use both technique.

Listen the lick here:

Paul Gilbert Style Legato String Skipping Lick


Paul Gilbert Guitar Lesson

Exercise 3: An Organized String skipping lick

A big lick with full of skippings. Play slowly with metronome.

Listen the lick here:

An Organized String skipping lick


Shredding Exercises

Exercise 4: 2 String Pattern Ascending

Listen The Exercise here:

2 String Pattern Ascending


Shredding Exercises

Exercise 5: 2 String Pattern Descending

Listen the lesson here:

2 String Pattern Descending


String Skipping Exercises

Exercise 6: Chromatic Diminished Pattern With Lots of Legatos (Ascending and Descending)

Lots Of Legatos here. Probably Hardest one.


Ascending Tab:

String Skipping Exercises

Descending Tab:

String Skipping Exercises

Exercise 7: 4 G Major Lick

A big lick in G major with lots of string skipping. Total 4 Pattern in this lick

G Major String Skipping Lick


String Skipping Exercises