This time I will share 5 Absolutely Best Alternate Picking Exercise Audio, Tabs & Guitar Pro Tabs.

Keep practicing and practice precisely, speed selection is probably the most important technique that you need to be mastered if you want to be a great with shredding or guitar solos.

Exercise 1 – Malmsteen Style 1 String Run

This one is a great guitar picking Exercise for intermediate Players. Malmsteen often use this type of phrasing.

Listen Alternate Picking Exercise – 1

Here is the tab for Ex-1

Alternate picking exercise
Exercise 1

Exercise 2: Arpeggio Style Lick

This one is actually from Burn by deep purple. A great exercise for this series.

Listen to the lick:

Alternate picking exericse 2

Here is the tab for this exercise:

Alternate picking exercise
Exercise 2

Exercise 3: A neo classical style practice

It was a song from Vinnie Moore but unfortunately I cant remember the name :D Very fast lick but a great one.

Listen to the lick here :

Alternate picking exericse 3

Here is the tab for this:

Alternate picking exercise
Exericse 3

Exercise 4: Multiple Key Changes

This one is my most favorite one. And I used to practice this as legato exercise as well.

Listen here:

Alternate Picking Exercise 4

Here is the tab for this:

Lead guitar lesson
Exercise 4

Download the tab from here:

Exercise 5: On multiple Strings

This one need to play carefully, also a homework for you, try to figure out the chords behind this lick and play over that.

Alternate Picking Exercise 5

Here is the tab for this lick:

alt picking lesson
Exercise 5

Download the guitar pro tab here:

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