Today we will learn a very advanced Guitar Shredding Technique that I like to call the “Guitar Note Jump Technique.” This technique involves skipping over certain notes in a scale or melody in a specific order, such as every 3rd, 4th, or 5th note. This can create a sense of syncopation or dissonance, and can be used to add interest and variation to a guitar solo or melody. In this advance guitar shredding lesson we will also incorporate some string skippings.

This method can be challenging but with practice, it can open up a lot of possibilities for expression and creativity in your guitar playing.

First lets listen The lick:

Advance Guitar Shredding Lick

Here is the tab:

Guitar Shredding Lesson

So what is the method ? So here are 6 diffrent parts, In first part we skipped 2nd note and jumped to 3rd note, then in next part we skipped 2 notes and jumped to every 4th Note, and cronologically in next parts we jumped to fifth note, 6th note, 7th note and then we did octave jump? Cool, is not it?

Here you can download the guitar pro tab:

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