“Stand Tall” is a song written and performed by Canadian musician Burton Cummings. The chord progression in this song is very beautiful and few chord used in song that is not very common like C6 or D Augmented and G Augmented Chord. It was released as a single in 1976 and appeared on Cummings’ album “Dream of a Child”. The song was a hit in Canada, reaching number one on the RPM 100 national singles chart. The song is considered one of Cummings’ most popular and enduring songs. Today we will learn Stand Tall Chords.

“Stand Tall” is a ballad that deals with themes of self-empowerment and self-confidence. The song features Cummings’ powerful vocals and emotive delivery, as well as a strong piano and guitar-based arrangement.

Stand tall message of self-empowerment resonated with audiences, and helped to establish Cummings as a respected and influential artist and the song’s success helped to launch Cummings’ career in the 1970s, and he went on to become one of the most successful and respected musicians in Canada.

Chord Used in this song:

In this song, the chords used are G, Gaug, G6, G7, Cmaj7, Cm7, D, and C. The chord progression in the verses and chorus follows a pattern of ii-V-I in the key of G major also uses a lot of inversions, which give a different harmonic structure to the chords and add color to the overall sound.

Chord Chart Of Stand Tall By Burton Cummings
Chord Chart Of Stand Tall By Burton Cummings

Stand Tall Chords in verse G, Gaug, G6, G7, Cmaj7, Cm7, C/D and G Sus. The chords G, Gaug, G6, G7 are all diatonic chords within the key of G major. The G chord is the tonic chord. The chords Cmaj7, Cm7 are non-diatonic chords. The Cmaj7 chord is a IV chord in G major and the Cm7 is iv chord, they are added to create a sense of tension and dissonance. The chords G, C/D are used as a transition chord between different sections of the song. The C/D chord is a slash chord, where the letter on top of the slash indicates the root note of the chord (C), and the letter on the bottom indicates the bass note of the chord (D).

Verse Chording
Complex Chord Progression
Verse Chording
Chorus Chording

G D C G Gsus G

Great Chord Progression
Verse 2
Stand Tall Chords
Chorus 2
Stand Tall Chords

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