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Progressive Guitar Riff Lesson

Progressive Guitar Riff Lesson – 5 Dream Theater Riff In Odd Time Signature

Today we will learn some progressive guitar riff lesson, all from Dream Theater, which contain multiple signature changes.

If you want to be skilled in progressive Rock / Metal genre firstly, it’s important to have a good understanding of what odd time signatures are and how they work. Simply put, an odd time signature is any time signature that has an odd number of beats per measure, such as 5/4, 7/8, or 9/8. These time signatures can be challenging to play because they don’t fit neatly into the standard 4/4 time that most rock and pop music is based on.

Lesson 1 – Stream Of Consciousness (5/4 – Main Theme)

The song “Stream of Consciousness” appears on Dream Theater’s 2003 album “Train of Thought.” The song is an instrumental tour de force that features extended solos from each band member, including John Petrucci on guitar, Jordan Rudess on keyboards, and Mike Portnoy on drums.

The Particular part we will learn today is on 5/4 Time Signature. This riff used few times trhough out the song and its the main theme over the song.

Here listen to the riff:


Here is the tab:

Progressive Guitar Riff Lesson
Stream Of The Consciousness – 5/4 Time Signature

Lesson 2 – Stream Of Consciousness (6/4 & 5/4)

Another part from the same song, its changing in every bar – one bar is on 6/4 and the next bar is on 5/4, this way …

Listen to the riff:



Progressive Guitar Riff Lesson
Stream Of Consciousness (6/4 & 5/4)

Lesson 3 : Constant Motion ( 5/8 then 3/4 , 17/16 and 15/16 (!!!!!)

This one is the intro of the song, there are multiple time signature change on this one, starting on 5/8 then 3/4 , 17/16 and 15/16 (!!!!!)

Listen the audio here:

“Constant Motion” was released as the first single from their 2007 album “Systematic Chaos”. The song features complex instrumentation, including rapid-fire guitar riffs, pounding drums, and intricate keyboard and bass work.

The song’s opening riff is instantly recognizable, featuring a driving rhythm that sets the tone for the rest of the song. From there, the song takes the listener on a wild ride, with constantly shifting time signatures, intricate instrumental sections, and a soaring vocal performance by James LaBrie.

Lyrically, the song deals with the idea of being trapped in a cycle of constant motion and feeling like there is no escape. This theme is reflected in the song’s structure, with its relentless pace and constantly shifting rhythms.

Listen to the riff here:



Progressive Guitar Riff Lesson
5/8 then 3/4 , 17/16 and 15/16 (!!!!!)

Lesson 4 – Metropolis (5/8, 6/8, 7/8)

“Metropolis” is a song by the progressive metal band Dream Theater, which appears on their 1992 album “Images and Words.” The song is a multi-part suite that tells a story of a dystopian city ruled by an oppressive government and a shadowy figure known as “the Miracle.”

This Riff is starting with a breakdown 5/8 then constanly change between 6/8 and 7/8

Here is the audio:



Odd Time SIngature
Metropolis (5/8, 6/8, 7/8)

Lesson 5 – Metropolis Last Riff (12/8, 9/8, 5/8, 7/8)

Another riff from Metropolis.

Listen to the audio:

Odd Time Signature
Metropolis Last Riff (12/8, 9/8, 5/8, 7/8)

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Long Duration Progressive Rock Songs

List Of Long Duration Progressive Rock / Metal Songs with Playlist

Explore the world of progressive rock through epic compositions that span 10 minutes or more. Personally I like Long Prog Suites That Emphasize On Concept Driven Composition and Lyric, Musical Virtuosity And Experimantation. For Example 2112 By Rush or Octavairum By Dream Theater. Here i will Post A long List Of Long Duration Progressive Rock / Metal Songs.

Youtube & Spotify Playlist:

Youtube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR57BWJL8BIGbA7LL5yEQ0nMjwCNiJctZ

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3jGycRFG3TEZUZaA8EFuzg


Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
In Held ’Twas in IProcol Harum1968Shine On Brightly [2009 remaster]Youtube Linkin Spotify All Parts Are Seperate17:39

1970 – 1979

Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd1970Atom Heart MotherYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:02
Out-Bloody-RageousSoft Machine1970ThirdYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:11
Music for Electric Violin and Low Budget OrchestraJean-Luc Ponty1970King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank ZappaYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:18
EchoesPink Floyd1971MeddleYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:34
A Plague of Lighthouse KeepersVan der Graaf Generator1971Pawn HeartsYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:07
Nine Feet UndergroundCaravan1971In the Land of Grey and PinkYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:26
EruptionFocus1971Focus IIYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:02
Song of the Marching ChildrenEarth and Fire1971Song of the Marching ChildrenYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:24
TarkusEmerson, Lake & Palmer1971TarkusYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:39
HalleluwahCan1971Tago Mago (40th Anniversary Edition)Youtube LinkSpotify Link18:25
Miss FortuneFaust1971FaustYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:36
Super NovaGracious1971This Is… Gracious!! (Remastered 2022)Youtube LinkSpotify Link21:40
Sun SymphonicaJan Dukes de Grey1971Mice and Rats in the LoftYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:00
SlarkStackridge1971StackridgeYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:08
Supper’s ReadyGenesis1972FoxtrotYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:05
Thick as a Brick, Part 1&2Jethro Tull1972Thick as a BrickYoutube LinkSpotify Link43:50
Close to the EdgeYes1972Youtube LinkSpotify Link18:38
Pudding en gisteren (Music for Ballet)Supersister1972Pudding en gisterenYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:00
All the Seats Were OccupiedAphrodite’s Child1972666Youtube LinkSpotify Link19:20
Un jour… la mortCatherine Ribeiro, Alpes1972PaixYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:47
The Circle GameSérgio Mendes & Brasil ’771972Primal RootsYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:07
The Revealing Science of GodYes1973Tales from Topographic OceansYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:24
Tubular BellsMike Oldfield1973Tubular BellsYoutube LinkSpotify Link48:48
The Remembering: High the MemoryYes1973Tales from Topographic OceansYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:41
“The Ancient”: Giants Under the SunYes1973Tales from Topographic OceansYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:35
Ritual: Nous sommes du soleilYes1973Tales from Topographic OceansYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:53
Karn Evil 9Emerson, Lake & Palmer1973Brain Salad SurgeryYoutube LinkSpotify Link29:35
The Gates of DeliriumYes1974RelayerYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:52
Hamburger ConcertoFocus1974Youtube LinkSpotify Link20:20
Hergest Ridge, Part OneMike Oldfield1974Hergest RidgeYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:23
The IkonUtopia1974Todd Rundgren’s UtopiaYoutube LinkSpotify Link30:24
KöhntarköszMagma1974Youtube LinkSpotify Link41:10
Lady Fantasy: Encounter / Smiles for You / Lady FantasyCamel1974MirageYoutube LinkSpotify Link12:59
Ballet for a Girl in BuchannonChicago1974Kentucky Derby 1974 (live)Youtube LinkSpotify Link12:40
Song of ScheherazadeRenaissance1975Scheherazade and Other StoriesYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:39
MumpsHatfield and the North1975The Rotters’ ClubYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:35
Ommadawn (Part One)Mike Oldfield1975OmmadawnYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:20
Solar Musick SuiteSteve Hillage1975Fish RisingYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:55
Incomudro – Hymn to the AtmanKansas1975Song for AmericaYoutube LinkSpotify Link12:12
Histoire sans parolesHarmonium1975Si on avait besoin d’une cinquième saisonYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:12
Living in the Heart of the BeastHenry Cow, Slapp Happy1975In Praise of LearningYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:31
Lunar Musick SuiteSteve Hillage1976LYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:58
Rare BirdsGrits1976Youtube Link1:15:34
FrayeurHorrific Child1976L’Étrange Mr WhinsterYoutube LinkSpotify Link8:39
PicturesSFF1976Symphonic PicturesYoutube Link16:30
AwakenYes1977Going for the OneYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:31
DogsPink Floyd1977AnimalsYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:05
Pigs (Three Different Ones)Pink Floyd1977AnimalsYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:26
SheepPink Floyd1977AnimalsYoutube LinkSpotify Link10:19
ÖdetSamla Mammas Manna1977Schlagerns mystik / För äldre nybegynnareYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:57
Incantations (Part One)Mike Oldfield1978Incantations (Deluxe Edition)Youtube LinkSpotify Link19:10
The Adventures of Captain BoomerangThe Muffins1978Manna/MirageYoutube Link22:50
Tenemos RoadsNational Health1978National HealthYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:34
Elohims VoyageWeidorje1978WeidorjeYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:24
BoleroHeldon1979Stand ByYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:50

1980 – 1989

Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
The Turn of a Friendly Card, Part 2The Alan Parsons Project1980The Turn of a Friendly CardYoutube Link16:28
Zaćmienie słońcaJózef Skrzek1980Ojciec chrzestny DominikaYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:13
Promenade au fond d’un canalPresent1980TriskaidekaphobieYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:21
Memento z banalnym tryptykiemSBB1981Memento z banalnym tryptykiemYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:53
At War With SatanVenom1982At War with SatanYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:26
Telegraph RoadDirestraits1982Love over GoldYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:18
GrendelMarillion1983Script for a Jester’s TearYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:05
The Little House I Used To Live InThe Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa1986Frank Zappa and the Mothers of InventionYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:46
A Drum, a DrumArt Zoyd1987BerlinYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:23
MoonsongsThinking Plague1987MoonsongsYoutube Link19:31
The Girl Who Was… DeathDevil Doll1989The Girl Who Was… DeathYoutube Link39:03


Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
One Nail Draws AnotherU Totem1990U TotemYoutube Link15:39
Learning To LiveDream Theater1992Images and WordsYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:30
The Chronicle of the Seven SealsVeni Domine1992Fall Babylon FallYoutube Link21:23
Art of LifeX Japan1993Art of LifeYoutube LinkSpotify Link29:02
Seven AngelsEarth1993Earth 2: Special Low Frequency VersionYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:35
The Unnatural Conception: The Birth & the Massacre of the InnocentsParamaecium1993Exhumed of the EarthYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:56
Jack LuminousVoivod1993The Outer LimitsYoutube Link16:57
ScarredDream Theater1994AwakeYoutube LinkSpotify Link10:59
The WheelMotorpsycho1994Timothy’s MonsterYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:57
A Change Of SeasonDream Theater1995A Change Of SeasonYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:08
The Sky Moves SidewaysPorcupine Tree1995The Sky Moves SidewaysYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:39
Shine On You Crazy DiamondPink Floyd1995Wish You Were HereYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:22
Dante’s InfernoIced Earth1995Burnt OfferingsYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:29
That, That IsYes1996Keys to AscensionYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:18
DjedTortoise1996Millions Now Living Will Never DieYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:57
Black Rose ImmortalOpeth1996MorningriseYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:14
Rundtgåing av den Transcendentale Egenhetens StøtteBurzum1996FilosofemYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:11
Mind DriveYes1997Keys to Ascension 2Youtube LinkSpotify Link18:40
BrungleX-Legged Sally, Smith Quartet1997Bereft of a Blissful UnionSpotify Link23:55
The Divine Wings of TragedySymphony X1997The Divine Wings of TragedyYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:42
Habbanan Beneath the StarsSummoning1997Nightshade ForestsYoutube LinkSpotify Link7:18
In‐Gadda‐Da‐VidaIron Butterfly1998The 60’s BoxYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:05
Symphonic HolocaustMorte Macabre1998Symphonic HolocaustYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:51
Act II: Scene Seven: I. The Dance of EternityDream Theater1999Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a MemoryYoutube LinkSpotify Link6:35
She Painted Fire Across the SkylineAgalloch1999Pale FolkloreYoutube LinkSpotify Link8:35
Finally FreeDream Theater1999Youtube LinkSpotify Link11:59


Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
At the End of the DaySpock’s Beard2000VYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:28Youtube LinkSpotify Link
All of the AboveTransatlantic2000SMPT:eYoutube LinkSpotify Link31:04Youtube LinkSpotify Link
My New WorldTransatlantic2000SMPT:eYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:20Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Duel with the DevilTransatlantic2001Bridge Across ForeverYoutube LinkSpotify Link26:46Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Stranger in Your SoulTransatlantic2001Bridge Across ForeverYoutube LinkSpotify Link30:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
LateralusTool2001LateralusYoutube LinkSpotify Link9:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
MeiEcholyn2002MeiYoutube LinkSpotify Link49:26Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The OdysseySymphony X2002The OdysseyYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:07Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Glass Prison2002Six Degrees of Inner TurbulenceYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:52
Gargoyles, Angels of DarknessRhapsody of Fire2002Power of the DragonflameYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:02Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dark 4.18Darkspace2002Dark Space III IYoutube LinkSpotify Link27:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dark 4.19Darkspace2002Dark Space III IYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:31Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dark 4.20Darkspace2002Dark Space III IYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:48Youtube LinkSpotify Link
And Then There Was SilenceBlind Guardian2002A Night at the OperaYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:06Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Death, Come Near MeDraconian2002Dark Oceans We CryYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
IIINegură Bunget2002n crugu braduluiYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:12Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Cirith UngolReverend Bizarre2002In the Rectory of the Bizarre ReverendYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:10Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Cygnus X-1Rush2003Rush in RioYoutube LinkSpotify Link10:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Stream of ConsciousnessDream Theater2003Train of ThoughtYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:16
The AntiqueKayo Dot2003Choirs of the EyeSpotify Link14:41Youtube LinkSpotify Link
CommutedKhanate2003Things ViralYoutube Link17:37Youtube LinkSpotify Link
ChupacabrasPhideaux Xavier2005ChupacabrasSpotify Link20:41Youtube LinkSpotify Link
We Spin the WorldMoon Safari2005A Doorway to SummerYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:57Youtube LinkSpotify Link
I Myself the Visionary HeadSólstafir2005Masterpiece of BitternessYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:58Youtube LinkSpotify Link
(A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 StarsWolves in the Throne Room2005[Demo 2005]Youtube LinkSpotify Link20:23Youtube LinkSpotify Link
OctavariumDream Theater2005OctavariumYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
March Into the SeaPelican2005March into the SeaYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:29Youtube LinkSpotify Link
JotunheimMoonsorrow2005VerisäkeetYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:30Youtube LinkSpotify Link
ItinerantRosetta2005The Galilean SatellitesYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:14Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Au Pays NatalRosetta2005The Galilean SatellitesYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:31Youtube LinkSpotify Link
(A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 StarsWolves in the Throne Room2005[Demo 2005]Youtube LinkSpotify Link20:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The 1st ChapterCircus Maximus2005The 1st ChapterYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:07Youtube LinkSpotify Link
On a Perfect DaySpocks Beard2006Spock’s BeardYoutube LinkSpotify Link7:44
MilliontownFrost*2006MilliontownYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:40Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Wings for Marie, Pt 1Tool200610,000 DaysYoutube LinkSpotify Link6:13Youtube LinkSpotify Link
10,000 Days (Wings, Pt 2)Tool200610,000 DaysYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:15Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Rosetta StonedTool200610,000 DaysYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:12Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Man With the LampYeti2006The Man With the LampYoutube Link18:19Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Soliloquy of the Stigmatised ShepherdThe Ruins of Beverast2006Rain Upon the ImpureYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dark City, Dead ManCult of Luna2006Somewhere Along the HighwayYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:59Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Mystic Prophecy of the DemonknightRhapsody of Fire2006Triumph or AgonyYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:27Youtube LinkSpotify Link
God Wills ItThe Gates of Slumber2006Suffer No GuiltYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Underworld: The Fallen and the ButterflyPersefone2006CoreYoutube Link23:27Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Structure of the Black StallionZebulon Pike2006Zebulon Pike II: The Deafening TwilightYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:14Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Ashes of Xerxes, Breath of TitanZebulon Pike2006Zebulon Pike II: The Deafening TwilightSpotify Link20:41Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dragon of the Deep, Part TwoMammatus2006MammatusYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:10Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Weight of AllAltar of Plagues2006TidesYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:48Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Atlantic LightAltar of Plagues2006TidesYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Tesarul de LuminiNegură Bunget2006OMYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:05Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Synagoga SatanaeCeltic Frost2006MonotheistYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Metridium FieldGiant Squid2006Metridium FieldYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:10Youtube LinkSpotify Link
___ On Limpid FormKayo Dot2006Dowsing Anemone with Copper TongueYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Ministry Of Lost SoulsDream Theater2007Systematic ChaosYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:58
Love Is the Only AnswerThe Flower Kings2007The Sum of No EvilYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:27Youtube LinkSpotify Link
From the Wide Open SeaBig Big Train2007The Difference Machine (2010 reissue)Youtube LinkSpotify Link17:43Youtube LinkSpotify Link
A Dangerous JourneyRitual2007The Hemulic Voluntary BandYoutube LinkSpotify Link26:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link
In the Presence of Enemies, Part IDream Theater2007Systematic ChaosYoutube LinkSpotify Link9:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
In the Presence of Enemies, Part IIDream Theater2007Systematic ChaosYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:38Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Jäästä Syntynyt Varjojen VirtaMoonsorrow2007Viides luku – HävitettyYoutube LinkSpotify Link30:10Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Tuleen ajettu maaMoonsorrow2007Viides luku – HävitettyYoutube LinkSpotify Link26:19Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Reefer SutherlandBongripper2007Hippie KillerYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:17Youtube LinkSpotify Link
In the Everlasting MiseryKathaarsys2007Verses in Vain: Etude About Death in E minor. Narration and Drama in II ActsYoutube Link20:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Doomed in the Black AbyssKathaarsys2007Verses in Vain: Etude About Death in E minor. Narration and Drama in II ActsYoutube Link19:52Youtube LinkSpotify Link
And All My Existence in VainKathaarsys2007Verses in Vain: Etude About Death in E minor. Narration and Drama in II ActsYoutube Link16:46Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Anywhere Out of This WorldReverend Bizarre2007III: So Long SuckersYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Her Withering PetalsThe Fall Of Every Season2007From BelowYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:25Youtube LinkSpotify Link
I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and RootsWolves in the Throne Room2007Two HuntersYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:13Youtube LinkSpotify Link
AnesthetizePorcupine Tree2007AnesthetizeYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:43Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dominion TheologyFall of Efrafa2007ElilYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:26Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Other Half of the SkyMoon Safari2008BlomljudYoutube LinkSpotify Link31:44Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Grand EventBrighteye Brison2008Believers & DeceiversSpotify Link34:44Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Suite: Little Lucid MomentsMotorpsycho2008Little Lucid MomentsYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:07Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The HarvestBrighteye Brison2008Believers & DeceiversYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:27Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Send a Message From the HeartKarmakanic2008Who’s the Boss in the Factory?Youtube LinkSpotify Link19:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Sleeping in TrafficBeardfish2008Sleeping in Traffic: Part TwoYoutube LinkSpotify Link35:47Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Mors, ultima linea rerumUniversal Totem Orchestra2008The MagusYoutube LinkSpotify Link6:05Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Mirror of SoulsTheocracy2008Mirror of SoulsYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:26Youtube LinkSpotify Link
ManaEquilibrium2008SagasYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
TulimyrskyMoonsorrow2008TulimyrskyYoutube LinkSpotify Link29:46Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The BeaconOcean2008Pantheon of the LesserYoutube LinkSpotify Link35:49Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Of the LesserOcean2008Pantheon of the LesserSpotify Link23:03Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Losing the Sunsets / Plague of Butterflies / Evael 10:00Swallow the Sun2008Plague of ButterfliesYoutube LinkSpotify Link34:35Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Avide de sensAtaraxie2008AnhédonieYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
AnhédonieAtaraxie2008AnhédonieYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:33Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Silence of DeathAtaraxie2008AnhédonieYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:41Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Forgiveness in RotKrallice2008KralliceYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:21Youtube LinkSpotify Link
GodA Forest of Stars2008The Corpse of RebirthYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:28Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Darkness and StarlightThe Black Mages2008The Black Mages III: Darkness and StarlightYoutube Link15:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link
LandTýr2008LandYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:17Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Count of TuscanyDream Theater2009Black Clouds & Silver LiningsYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:14
The Underfall YardBig Big Train2009The Underfall YardYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:14Youtube LinkSpotify Link
BarbaresNemo2009BarbaresYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:57Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Whirlwind: XII. Dancing With Eternal GloryTransatlantic2009The WhirlwindYoutube LinkSpotify Link12:08Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Light of Day, Day of Darkness Part IGreen Carnation2009Light of Day, Day of DarknessYoutube LinkSpotify Link1:00:06Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Through TimeZombi2009Spirit AnimalYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:30Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Count of TuscanyDream Theater2009Black Clouds & Silver LiningsYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:13Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Earth: As a FurnaceAltar of Plagues2009White TombYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Na Moey Zemle (In My Land)Arkona2009Goi, Rode, Goi!Youtube LinkSpotify Link15:14Youtube LinkSpotify Link
My Curse Was Raised in the Darkness Against a Doomsday SilenceAsh Borer2009Ash BorerYoutube Link20:05Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Monolith of PossessionKrallice2009Dimensional BleedthroughYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:43Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Swim to the MoonBetween the Buried and Me2009The Great MisdirectYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:54Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Convict All FleshAsh Borer2012Cold of AgesYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:09Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Descended LamentationsAsh Borer2012Cold of AgesYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:51Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Removed FormsAsh Borer2012Cold of AgesYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link


Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
The Sea of TranquilityNeograss2010The Sea of TranquilityYoutube Link29:36
Gullible’s TravailsMotorpsycho2010Heavy Metal FruitSpotify Link20:42
The Great EscapeSeventh Wonder2010The Great EscapeYoutube LinkSpotify Link30:22
Black Lake NiðstångAgalloch2010Marrow of the SpiritYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:34
This Mighty SightLustre2010A Glimpse of GloryYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:07
HeliogabalusRorcal2010HeliogabalusYoutube Link1:10:32
ApartIkuinen Kaamos2010Fall Of IconsYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:43
Delay’s ProgressionA Forest of Stars2010Opportunistic Thieves of SpringYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:29
Celestial ElixirHaken2010AquariusYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:02
Snowtorch, Part OnePhideaux Xavier2011SnowtorchYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:42
Snowtorch, Part TwoPhideaux Xavier2011SnowtorchYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:15
The Rise of Brighteye BrisonBrighteye Brison2011The Magician Chronicles – Pt. IYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:05
VisionsHaken2011VisionsSpotify Link22:27
AtlantisNeograss2011AtlantisSpotify Link1:05:00
RogueDiscipline2011To Shatter All AccordYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:03
Raider IISteven Wilson2011Grace for DrowningYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:24
The Mighty MasturbatorDevin Townsend Project2011DeconstructionYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:28
Heroes of the Waterfalls’ KingdomRhapsody of Fire2011From Chaos to EternityYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:38
Night BellAquilus2011GriseusYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:30
HuutoMoonsorrow2011Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassaYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:59
Kuolleiden maaMoonsorrow2011Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassaYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:52
LiberatorPotmos Hetoimos2011EvelynYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:54
Dilapidation and DeathColosseum2011Chapter 3: ParasomniaYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:41
Passage to EternityColosseum2011Chapter 3: ParasomniaYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:42
Neptune Is DeadAltar of Plagues2011MammalYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:55
Running Out of DaylightThe Living Fields2011Running Out Of DaylightYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:39
The Book of KingsMournful Congregation2011The Book of KingsYoutube LinkSpotify Link33:10
ElysiumStratovarius2011ElysiumYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:06
NumbersThe Flower Kings2012Banks of EdenYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:26
Ur vilandeÄnglagård2012Viljans ÖgaYoutube Link15:47
Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies BleedingDream Theater2012The Triple Album CollectionYoutube LinkSpotify Link10:38
Driftin’ BackNeil Young, Crazy Horse2012Psychedelic PillYoutube LinkSpotify Link27:50
The Malgaard SuiteComus2012Out of the ComaYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:49
Monolithe IIIMonolithe2012Monolithe IIIYoutube LinkSpotify Link52:00
Blood of Ancients, Blood of HatredElysian Blaze2012Blood GeometryYoutube LinkSpotify Link36:36
Sigils That Beckon DeathElysian Blaze2012Blood GeometryYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:55
Pyramid of the Cold SonElysian Blaze2012Blood GeometryYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:12
The Temple Is FallingElysian Blaze2012Blood GeometryYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:25
First LightAncestors2012In Dreams and TimeYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:19
Beyond The VeilAbigail Williams2012BecomingYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:31
We, the DamnedWilds Forlorn2012We, the DamnedYoutube Link15:40
Silent Flight ParliamentBetween the Buried and Me2012The Parallax II: Future SequenceYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:10
TimeWintersun2012Time IYoutube LinkSpotify Link12:06
White WallsRyan Lewis, Macklemore2012The Heist (Deluxe Edition)Youtube LinkSpotify Link6:11
I’m the MountainStoned Jesus2012Seven Thunders RoarYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:02
Tartessos: The Hidden XenocrystAllegaeon2012FormshifterYoutube LinkSpotify Link4:24
In ExtremisDays Between Stations2013In ExtremisYoutube Link15:51
East Coast RacerBig Big Train2013English Electric Part TwoYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:46
Book of the FallenCaladan Brood2013Echoes of BattleYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:55
Sons of Winter and StarsWintersun2013Epic Metal: The 20 Most Epic Metal Hits from Nuclear BlastYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:05
CuratorPotmos Hetoimos2013MaribelSpotify Link18:42
The Earth Wants Us DeadSea of Bones2013The Earth Wants Us DeadYoutube LinkSpotify Link39:32
First ReignOcean2013Here Where Nothing GrowsSpotify Link21:05
The FallOcean2013Here Where Nothing GrowsSpotify Link24:45
Brainbow / Brain TrainMammatus2013MammatusYoutube Link16:40
Vicarious RedemptionCult of Luna2013Vertikal I & IIYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:50
You Are the Moon, I Am the NightOWL2013You Are the Moon, I Am the NightYoutube Link18:34
UnrestClad In Darkness2013DecathectYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:38
NarakaDefeated Sanity2013Passages into DeformityYoutube LinkSpotify Link5:07
Lover’s End, Part III: Skellefteå serenadeMoon Safari2014Live In MexicoYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:20
CrystallisedHaken2014RestorationYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:22
RootsSaor2014RootsYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:47
In Our BloodYob2014Clearing the Path to AscendYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:55
MarrowYob2014Clearing the Path to AscendYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:48
A EtillaEa2014A EtillaYoutube LinkSpotify Link49:12
The CavernInter Arma2014The CavernSpotify Link45:46
KaleidoscopeTransatlantic2014KaleidoscopeYoutube LinkSpotify Link31:54
Into the BlueTransatlantic2014KaleidoscopeYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:13
IVParamnesia2014ParamnesiaYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:10
VParamnesia2014ParamnesiaSpotify Link20:06
Plânge glia de dorul meuDescend into Despair2014The Bearer of All StormsYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:55
The Horrific Pale AwakeningDescend into Despair2014The Bearer of All StormsYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:55
Triangle of LiesDescend into Despair2014The Bearer of All StormsYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:35
He Was Compelled to Turn Westward Out of Some Misplaced Sense of HopeHuldra2014Black TidesYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:51
The Order of ThingsArbor2014Echoes Over OceansYoutube Link16:38
Painters of the Tempest, Part II: Triptych LuxNe Obliviscaris2014CitadelYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:34
The Veiled GardenSpectral Lore2014IIIYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:32
AuraSaor2014AuraYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:37
Prancing DadThe Tiberian Sons2015Conquering MAGFestYoutube Link11:40
AcolytesHorrendous2015AnaretaYoutube LinkSpotify Link7:12
I (Remastered)Meshuggah2016IYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:00
IIBossk2017I IIYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:30
Genesis of DestructionGenesis of Destruction2019Genesis of DestructionYoutube LinkSpotify Link5:45

I will continue to update these playlist.

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Odd Time Signature Lesson with tabs

Odd Time Signature – 5 Guitar Plucking Exercise With Tabs

An odd time signature is a musical time signature that does not have a simple whole-number ratio between the number of beats in a measure and the note value that represents one beat. Examples of odd time signatures include 5/4, 7/8, or 11/4,These time signatures can create a complex and irregular rhythmic feel, and are often used in jazz and experimental music. Composers and musicians often use odd time signatures to create a sense of tension and dissonance, and to challenge the listener’s sense of expectation and familiarity. You can start with these odd time guitar plucking exercise.

Some song examples with Odd time signature:

  1. The Count Of Tuscany – Dream Theater : 15/8 and 9/4
  2. Last Goodbye – Circus Maximus : 7/8 & 9/8
  3. Plini – Selenium Forest : 7/4
  4. Frame by frame – King Crimson : 7/4
  5. I hung my head – Sting : 9/8

Example 1: 15/8 and 9/4 count:

“The Count of Tuscany” is a song by the American progressive metal band Dream Theater. It is the opening track on their ninth studio album, “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”. The song is known for its complex and dynamic structure, featuring multiple time signature changes and shifting musical themes. The song is also considered as one of the longest songs in Dream Theater’s catalog, clocking in at over 20 minutes in length. The particula part we learn from this song today is 15/8 and 9/4.

Listen the audio here:

15/8, 9/4 Count

Here is the tab:

Odd Time Signature

Example 2: 7/8 & 9/8 count

This part is from Song “The last goodbye” by Circus Maximus. One of my most favorite band of all time and this song is from my favorite Album Nine (2012). In this part they mostly used 7/8 but in 4th bar only they used 9/8 in a beautiful natural way. I prefer natural way that most progressive bands are miss in these days.

Listen the plucking here:

7/8, 9/8 Count

Here is the tab:

7/8 & 9/8 Count

Example 3: 7/4 count

“Selenium Forest” is a song by Australian instrumental progressive rock/metal musician Plini. The song is from his second studio album “Impressions” released in 2018. It features a complex and intricate guitar work, with a mix of melodic and technical playing. The song showcases Plini’s skill as a guitarist and composer, with a delicate and nuanced approach to both melody and rhythm and has been well received by critics and fans alike and is considered as one of Plini’s standout tracks, praised for its emotional depth and musical virtuosity. The song is also part of a number of playlists of instrumental progressive rock and metal.

This partiucalr part is one of the main theme that used in whole song and its on 7/4 Count.

Listen this particular part here:

7/4 Count

Here is the tab:

7/4 count

Example 4: Another 7/4

“Frame by Frame” is a song by the British progressive rock band King Crimson. It is the opening track on their fifth studio album, “Discipline”, released in 1981 and Most of this song is on 7/4 count and some parts are in 4/4.

Listen the song here:

7/4 Count

Here is the tab:

Odd Time Signature

Example 5: 9/8 Count

“I Hung My Head” is a song written and performed by Sting, and was released on his 1996 album “Mercury Falling”. The song was covered by Johnny Cash and released on his album “American III: Solitary Man” in 2000 which was critically acclaimed. The song was also featured in the movie “The Corruptor” and the TV series “The Sopranos” This is the intro from the song.

Listen the plucking here:

9/8 Count

Here is the tab:

Odd Time Signature

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Progressive Guitar Riff Lesson – 5 Dream Theater Riff In Odd Time Signature

Free Progressive Riff Lesson

Progressive Riff Lesson – 1

Progressive Riff Lesson By Dream Theater.

Very Technical Intermediate Progressive Riff. Started in 4/4 but later multiple signature changes for example 9/8, 3/8, 2/4

Do the riff with Alternate Picking. Use Metronome. I uploaded this in PNG, And Guitar Pro 5 format. If you need guitar pro software you can email me.

Here is the lesson in Mp3:

Progressive Guitar Riff Lesson – 1

Here is Guitar Pro 5 File.

Also here is the tab in png format in case you don’t have access to guitar pro software.

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