Explore the world of progressive rock through epic compositions that span 10 minutes or more. Personally I like Long Prog Suites That Emphasize On Concept Driven Composition and Lyric, Musical Virtuosity And Experimantation. For Example 2112 By Rush or Octavairum By Dream Theater. Here i will Post A long List Of Long Duration Progressive Rock / Metal Songs.

Youtube & Spotify Playlist:

Youtube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR57BWJL8BIGbA7LL5yEQ0nMjwCNiJctZ

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3jGycRFG3TEZUZaA8EFuzg


Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
In Held ’Twas in IProcol Harum1968Shine On Brightly [2009 remaster]Youtube Linkin Spotify All Parts Are Seperate17:39

1970 – 1979

Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd1970Atom Heart MotherYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:02
Out-Bloody-RageousSoft Machine1970ThirdYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:11
Music for Electric Violin and Low Budget OrchestraJean-Luc Ponty1970King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank ZappaYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:18
EchoesPink Floyd1971MeddleYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:34
A Plague of Lighthouse KeepersVan der Graaf Generator1971Pawn HeartsYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:07
Nine Feet UndergroundCaravan1971In the Land of Grey and PinkYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:26
EruptionFocus1971Focus IIYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:02
Song of the Marching ChildrenEarth and Fire1971Song of the Marching ChildrenYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:24
TarkusEmerson, Lake & Palmer1971TarkusYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:39
HalleluwahCan1971Tago Mago (40th Anniversary Edition)Youtube LinkSpotify Link18:25
Miss FortuneFaust1971FaustYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:36
Super NovaGracious1971This Is… Gracious!! (Remastered 2022)Youtube LinkSpotify Link21:40
Sun SymphonicaJan Dukes de Grey1971Mice and Rats in the LoftYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:00
SlarkStackridge1971StackridgeYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:08
Supper’s ReadyGenesis1972FoxtrotYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:05
Thick as a Brick, Part 1&2Jethro Tull1972Thick as a BrickYoutube LinkSpotify Link43:50
Close to the EdgeYes1972Youtube LinkSpotify Link18:38
Pudding en gisteren (Music for Ballet)Supersister1972Pudding en gisterenYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:00
All the Seats Were OccupiedAphrodite’s Child1972666Youtube LinkSpotify Link19:20
Un jour… la mortCatherine Ribeiro, Alpes1972PaixYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:47
The Circle GameSérgio Mendes & Brasil ’771972Primal RootsYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:07
The Revealing Science of GodYes1973Tales from Topographic OceansYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:24
Tubular BellsMike Oldfield1973Tubular BellsYoutube LinkSpotify Link48:48
The Remembering: High the MemoryYes1973Tales from Topographic OceansYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:41
“The Ancient”: Giants Under the SunYes1973Tales from Topographic OceansYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:35
Ritual: Nous sommes du soleilYes1973Tales from Topographic OceansYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:53
Karn Evil 9Emerson, Lake & Palmer1973Brain Salad SurgeryYoutube LinkSpotify Link29:35
The Gates of DeliriumYes1974RelayerYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:52
Hamburger ConcertoFocus1974Youtube LinkSpotify Link20:20
Hergest Ridge, Part OneMike Oldfield1974Hergest RidgeYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:23
The IkonUtopia1974Todd Rundgren’s UtopiaYoutube LinkSpotify Link30:24
KöhntarköszMagma1974Youtube LinkSpotify Link41:10
Lady Fantasy: Encounter / Smiles for You / Lady FantasyCamel1974MirageYoutube LinkSpotify Link12:59
Ballet for a Girl in BuchannonChicago1974Kentucky Derby 1974 (live)Youtube LinkSpotify Link12:40
Song of ScheherazadeRenaissance1975Scheherazade and Other StoriesYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:39
MumpsHatfield and the North1975The Rotters’ ClubYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:35
Ommadawn (Part One)Mike Oldfield1975OmmadawnYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:20
Solar Musick SuiteSteve Hillage1975Fish RisingYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:55
Incomudro – Hymn to the AtmanKansas1975Song for AmericaYoutube LinkSpotify Link12:12
Histoire sans parolesHarmonium1975Si on avait besoin d’une cinquième saisonYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:12
Living in the Heart of the BeastHenry Cow, Slapp Happy1975In Praise of LearningYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:31
Lunar Musick SuiteSteve Hillage1976LYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:58
Rare BirdsGrits1976Youtube Link1:15:34
FrayeurHorrific Child1976L’Étrange Mr WhinsterYoutube LinkSpotify Link8:39
PicturesSFF1976Symphonic PicturesYoutube Link16:30
AwakenYes1977Going for the OneYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:31
DogsPink Floyd1977AnimalsYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:05
Pigs (Three Different Ones)Pink Floyd1977AnimalsYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:26
SheepPink Floyd1977AnimalsYoutube LinkSpotify Link10:19
ÖdetSamla Mammas Manna1977Schlagerns mystik / För äldre nybegynnareYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:57
Incantations (Part One)Mike Oldfield1978Incantations (Deluxe Edition)Youtube LinkSpotify Link19:10
The Adventures of Captain BoomerangThe Muffins1978Manna/MirageYoutube Link22:50
Tenemos RoadsNational Health1978National HealthYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:34
Elohims VoyageWeidorje1978WeidorjeYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:24
BoleroHeldon1979Stand ByYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:50

1980 – 1989

Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
The Turn of a Friendly Card, Part 2The Alan Parsons Project1980The Turn of a Friendly CardYoutube Link16:28
Zaćmienie słońcaJózef Skrzek1980Ojciec chrzestny DominikaYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:13
Promenade au fond d’un canalPresent1980TriskaidekaphobieYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:21
Memento z banalnym tryptykiemSBB1981Memento z banalnym tryptykiemYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:53
At War With SatanVenom1982At War with SatanYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:26
Telegraph RoadDirestraits1982Love over GoldYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:18
GrendelMarillion1983Script for a Jester’s TearYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:05
The Little House I Used To Live InThe Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa1986Frank Zappa and the Mothers of InventionYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:46
A Drum, a DrumArt Zoyd1987BerlinYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:23
MoonsongsThinking Plague1987MoonsongsYoutube Link19:31
The Girl Who Was… DeathDevil Doll1989The Girl Who Was… DeathYoutube Link39:03


Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
One Nail Draws AnotherU Totem1990U TotemYoutube Link15:39
Learning To LiveDream Theater1992Images and WordsYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:30
The Chronicle of the Seven SealsVeni Domine1992Fall Babylon FallYoutube Link21:23
Art of LifeX Japan1993Art of LifeYoutube LinkSpotify Link29:02
Seven AngelsEarth1993Earth 2: Special Low Frequency VersionYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:35
The Unnatural Conception: The Birth & the Massacre of the InnocentsParamaecium1993Exhumed of the EarthYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:56
Jack LuminousVoivod1993The Outer LimitsYoutube Link16:57
ScarredDream Theater1994AwakeYoutube LinkSpotify Link10:59
The WheelMotorpsycho1994Timothy’s MonsterYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:57
A Change Of SeasonDream Theater1995A Change Of SeasonYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:08
The Sky Moves SidewaysPorcupine Tree1995The Sky Moves SidewaysYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:39
Shine On You Crazy DiamondPink Floyd1995Wish You Were HereYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:22
Dante’s InfernoIced Earth1995Burnt OfferingsYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:29
That, That IsYes1996Keys to AscensionYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:18
DjedTortoise1996Millions Now Living Will Never DieYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:57
Black Rose ImmortalOpeth1996MorningriseYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:14
Rundtgåing av den Transcendentale Egenhetens StøtteBurzum1996FilosofemYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:11
Mind DriveYes1997Keys to Ascension 2Youtube LinkSpotify Link18:40
BrungleX-Legged Sally, Smith Quartet1997Bereft of a Blissful UnionSpotify Link23:55
The Divine Wings of TragedySymphony X1997The Divine Wings of TragedyYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:42
Habbanan Beneath the StarsSummoning1997Nightshade ForestsYoutube LinkSpotify Link7:18
In‐Gadda‐Da‐VidaIron Butterfly1998The 60’s BoxYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:05
Symphonic HolocaustMorte Macabre1998Symphonic HolocaustYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:51
Act II: Scene Seven: I. The Dance of EternityDream Theater1999Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a MemoryYoutube LinkSpotify Link6:35
She Painted Fire Across the SkylineAgalloch1999Pale FolkloreYoutube LinkSpotify Link8:35
Finally FreeDream Theater1999Youtube LinkSpotify Link11:59


Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
At the End of the DaySpock’s Beard2000VYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:28Youtube LinkSpotify Link
All of the AboveTransatlantic2000SMPT:eYoutube LinkSpotify Link31:04Youtube LinkSpotify Link
My New WorldTransatlantic2000SMPT:eYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:20Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Duel with the DevilTransatlantic2001Bridge Across ForeverYoutube LinkSpotify Link26:46Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Stranger in Your SoulTransatlantic2001Bridge Across ForeverYoutube LinkSpotify Link30:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
LateralusTool2001LateralusYoutube LinkSpotify Link9:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
MeiEcholyn2002MeiYoutube LinkSpotify Link49:26Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The OdysseySymphony X2002The OdysseyYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:07Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Glass Prison2002Six Degrees of Inner TurbulenceYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:52
Gargoyles, Angels of DarknessRhapsody of Fire2002Power of the DragonflameYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:02Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dark 4.18Darkspace2002Dark Space III IYoutube LinkSpotify Link27:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dark 4.19Darkspace2002Dark Space III IYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:31Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dark 4.20Darkspace2002Dark Space III IYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:48Youtube LinkSpotify Link
And Then There Was SilenceBlind Guardian2002A Night at the OperaYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:06Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Death, Come Near MeDraconian2002Dark Oceans We CryYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
IIINegură Bunget2002n crugu braduluiYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:12Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Cirith UngolReverend Bizarre2002In the Rectory of the Bizarre ReverendYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:10Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Cygnus X-1Rush2003Rush in RioYoutube LinkSpotify Link10:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Stream of ConsciousnessDream Theater2003Train of ThoughtYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:16
The AntiqueKayo Dot2003Choirs of the EyeSpotify Link14:41Youtube LinkSpotify Link
CommutedKhanate2003Things ViralYoutube Link17:37Youtube LinkSpotify Link
ChupacabrasPhideaux Xavier2005ChupacabrasSpotify Link20:41Youtube LinkSpotify Link
We Spin the WorldMoon Safari2005A Doorway to SummerYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:57Youtube LinkSpotify Link
I Myself the Visionary HeadSólstafir2005Masterpiece of BitternessYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:58Youtube LinkSpotify Link
(A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 StarsWolves in the Throne Room2005[Demo 2005]Youtube LinkSpotify Link20:23Youtube LinkSpotify Link
OctavariumDream Theater2005OctavariumYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
March Into the SeaPelican2005March into the SeaYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:29Youtube LinkSpotify Link
JotunheimMoonsorrow2005VerisäkeetYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:30Youtube LinkSpotify Link
ItinerantRosetta2005The Galilean SatellitesYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:14Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Au Pays NatalRosetta2005The Galilean SatellitesYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:31Youtube LinkSpotify Link
(A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 StarsWolves in the Throne Room2005[Demo 2005]Youtube LinkSpotify Link20:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The 1st ChapterCircus Maximus2005The 1st ChapterYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:07Youtube LinkSpotify Link
On a Perfect DaySpocks Beard2006Spock’s BeardYoutube LinkSpotify Link7:44
MilliontownFrost*2006MilliontownYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:40Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Wings for Marie, Pt 1Tool200610,000 DaysYoutube LinkSpotify Link6:13Youtube LinkSpotify Link
10,000 Days (Wings, Pt 2)Tool200610,000 DaysYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:15Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Rosetta StonedTool200610,000 DaysYoutube LinkSpotify Link11:12Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Man With the LampYeti2006The Man With the LampYoutube Link18:19Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Soliloquy of the Stigmatised ShepherdThe Ruins of Beverast2006Rain Upon the ImpureYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dark City, Dead ManCult of Luna2006Somewhere Along the HighwayYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:59Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Mystic Prophecy of the DemonknightRhapsody of Fire2006Triumph or AgonyYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:27Youtube LinkSpotify Link
God Wills ItThe Gates of Slumber2006Suffer No GuiltYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Underworld: The Fallen and the ButterflyPersefone2006CoreYoutube Link23:27Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Structure of the Black StallionZebulon Pike2006Zebulon Pike II: The Deafening TwilightYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:14Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Ashes of Xerxes, Breath of TitanZebulon Pike2006Zebulon Pike II: The Deafening TwilightSpotify Link20:41Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dragon of the Deep, Part TwoMammatus2006MammatusYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:10Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Weight of AllAltar of Plagues2006TidesYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:48Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Atlantic LightAltar of Plagues2006TidesYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Tesarul de LuminiNegură Bunget2006OMYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:05Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Synagoga SatanaeCeltic Frost2006MonotheistYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:24Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Metridium FieldGiant Squid2006Metridium FieldYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:10Youtube LinkSpotify Link
___ On Limpid FormKayo Dot2006Dowsing Anemone with Copper TongueYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Ministry Of Lost SoulsDream Theater2007Systematic ChaosYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:58
Love Is the Only AnswerThe Flower Kings2007The Sum of No EvilYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:27Youtube LinkSpotify Link
From the Wide Open SeaBig Big Train2007The Difference Machine (2010 reissue)Youtube LinkSpotify Link17:43Youtube LinkSpotify Link
A Dangerous JourneyRitual2007The Hemulic Voluntary BandYoutube LinkSpotify Link26:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link
In the Presence of Enemies, Part IDream Theater2007Systematic ChaosYoutube LinkSpotify Link9:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
In the Presence of Enemies, Part IIDream Theater2007Systematic ChaosYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:38Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Jäästä Syntynyt Varjojen VirtaMoonsorrow2007Viides luku – HävitettyYoutube LinkSpotify Link30:10Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Tuleen ajettu maaMoonsorrow2007Viides luku – HävitettyYoutube LinkSpotify Link26:19Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Reefer SutherlandBongripper2007Hippie KillerYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:17Youtube LinkSpotify Link
In the Everlasting MiseryKathaarsys2007Verses in Vain: Etude About Death in E minor. Narration and Drama in II ActsYoutube Link20:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Doomed in the Black AbyssKathaarsys2007Verses in Vain: Etude About Death in E minor. Narration and Drama in II ActsYoutube Link19:52Youtube LinkSpotify Link
And All My Existence in VainKathaarsys2007Verses in Vain: Etude About Death in E minor. Narration and Drama in II ActsYoutube Link16:46Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Anywhere Out of This WorldReverend Bizarre2007III: So Long SuckersYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Her Withering PetalsThe Fall Of Every Season2007From BelowYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:25Youtube LinkSpotify Link
I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and RootsWolves in the Throne Room2007Two HuntersYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:13Youtube LinkSpotify Link
AnesthetizePorcupine Tree2007AnesthetizeYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:43Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Dominion TheologyFall of Efrafa2007ElilYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:26Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Other Half of the SkyMoon Safari2008BlomljudYoutube LinkSpotify Link31:44Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Grand EventBrighteye Brison2008Believers & DeceiversSpotify Link34:44Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Suite: Little Lucid MomentsMotorpsycho2008Little Lucid MomentsYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:07Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The HarvestBrighteye Brison2008Believers & DeceiversYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:27Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Send a Message From the HeartKarmakanic2008Who’s the Boss in the Factory?Youtube LinkSpotify Link19:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Sleeping in TrafficBeardfish2008Sleeping in Traffic: Part TwoYoutube LinkSpotify Link35:47Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Mors, ultima linea rerumUniversal Totem Orchestra2008The MagusYoutube LinkSpotify Link6:05Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Mirror of SoulsTheocracy2008Mirror of SoulsYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:26Youtube LinkSpotify Link
ManaEquilibrium2008SagasYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:22Youtube LinkSpotify Link
TulimyrskyMoonsorrow2008TulimyrskyYoutube LinkSpotify Link29:46Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The BeaconOcean2008Pantheon of the LesserYoutube LinkSpotify Link35:49Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Of the LesserOcean2008Pantheon of the LesserSpotify Link23:03Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Losing the Sunsets / Plague of Butterflies / Evael 10:00Swallow the Sun2008Plague of ButterfliesYoutube LinkSpotify Link34:35Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Avide de sensAtaraxie2008AnhédonieYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
AnhédonieAtaraxie2008AnhédonieYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:33Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Silence of DeathAtaraxie2008AnhédonieYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:41Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Forgiveness in RotKrallice2008KralliceYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:21Youtube LinkSpotify Link
GodA Forest of Stars2008The Corpse of RebirthYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:28Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Darkness and StarlightThe Black Mages2008The Black Mages III: Darkness and StarlightYoutube Link15:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link
LandTýr2008LandYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:17Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Count of TuscanyDream Theater2009Black Clouds & Silver LiningsYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:14
The Underfall YardBig Big Train2009The Underfall YardYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:14Youtube LinkSpotify Link
BarbaresNemo2009BarbaresYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:57Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Whirlwind: XII. Dancing With Eternal GloryTransatlantic2009The WhirlwindYoutube LinkSpotify Link12:08Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Light of Day, Day of Darkness Part IGreen Carnation2009Light of Day, Day of DarknessYoutube LinkSpotify Link1:00:06Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Through TimeZombi2009Spirit AnimalYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:30Youtube LinkSpotify Link
The Count of TuscanyDream Theater2009Black Clouds & Silver LiningsYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:13Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Earth: As a FurnaceAltar of Plagues2009White TombYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:00Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Na Moey Zemle (In My Land)Arkona2009Goi, Rode, Goi!Youtube LinkSpotify Link15:14Youtube LinkSpotify Link
My Curse Was Raised in the Darkness Against a Doomsday SilenceAsh Borer2009Ash BorerYoutube Link20:05Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Monolith of PossessionKrallice2009Dimensional BleedthroughYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:43Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Swim to the MoonBetween the Buried and Me2009The Great MisdirectYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:54Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Convict All FleshAsh Borer2012Cold of AgesYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:09Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Descended LamentationsAsh Borer2012Cold of AgesYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:51Youtube LinkSpotify Link
Removed FormsAsh Borer2012Cold of AgesYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:32Youtube LinkSpotify Link


Track NameArtist NameReleased YearAlbum NameYoutube URLSpotify URLDuration
The Sea of TranquilityNeograss2010The Sea of TranquilityYoutube Link29:36
Gullible’s TravailsMotorpsycho2010Heavy Metal FruitSpotify Link20:42
The Great EscapeSeventh Wonder2010The Great EscapeYoutube LinkSpotify Link30:22
Black Lake NiðstångAgalloch2010Marrow of the SpiritYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:34
This Mighty SightLustre2010A Glimpse of GloryYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:07
HeliogabalusRorcal2010HeliogabalusYoutube Link1:10:32
ApartIkuinen Kaamos2010Fall Of IconsYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:43
Delay’s ProgressionA Forest of Stars2010Opportunistic Thieves of SpringYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:29
Celestial ElixirHaken2010AquariusYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:02
Snowtorch, Part OnePhideaux Xavier2011SnowtorchYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:42
Snowtorch, Part TwoPhideaux Xavier2011SnowtorchYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:15
The Rise of Brighteye BrisonBrighteye Brison2011The Magician Chronicles – Pt. IYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:05
VisionsHaken2011VisionsSpotify Link22:27
AtlantisNeograss2011AtlantisSpotify Link1:05:00
RogueDiscipline2011To Shatter All AccordYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:03
Raider IISteven Wilson2011Grace for DrowningYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:24
The Mighty MasturbatorDevin Townsend Project2011DeconstructionYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:28
Heroes of the Waterfalls’ KingdomRhapsody of Fire2011From Chaos to EternityYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:38
Night BellAquilus2011GriseusYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:30
HuutoMoonsorrow2011Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassaYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:59
Kuolleiden maaMoonsorrow2011Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassaYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:52
LiberatorPotmos Hetoimos2011EvelynYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:54
Dilapidation and DeathColosseum2011Chapter 3: ParasomniaYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:41
Passage to EternityColosseum2011Chapter 3: ParasomniaYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:42
Neptune Is DeadAltar of Plagues2011MammalYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:55
Running Out of DaylightThe Living Fields2011Running Out Of DaylightYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:39
The Book of KingsMournful Congregation2011The Book of KingsYoutube LinkSpotify Link33:10
ElysiumStratovarius2011ElysiumYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:06
NumbersThe Flower Kings2012Banks of EdenYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:26
Ur vilandeÄnglagård2012Viljans ÖgaYoutube Link15:47
Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies BleedingDream Theater2012The Triple Album CollectionYoutube LinkSpotify Link10:38
Driftin’ BackNeil Young, Crazy Horse2012Psychedelic PillYoutube LinkSpotify Link27:50
The Malgaard SuiteComus2012Out of the ComaYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:49
Monolithe IIIMonolithe2012Monolithe IIIYoutube LinkSpotify Link52:00
Blood of Ancients, Blood of HatredElysian Blaze2012Blood GeometryYoutube LinkSpotify Link36:36
Sigils That Beckon DeathElysian Blaze2012Blood GeometryYoutube LinkSpotify Link23:55
Pyramid of the Cold SonElysian Blaze2012Blood GeometryYoutube LinkSpotify Link22:12
The Temple Is FallingElysian Blaze2012Blood GeometryYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:25
First LightAncestors2012In Dreams and TimeYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:19
Beyond The VeilAbigail Williams2012BecomingYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:31
We, the DamnedWilds Forlorn2012We, the DamnedYoutube Link15:40
Silent Flight ParliamentBetween the Buried and Me2012The Parallax II: Future SequenceYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:10
TimeWintersun2012Time IYoutube LinkSpotify Link12:06
White WallsRyan Lewis, Macklemore2012The Heist (Deluxe Edition)Youtube LinkSpotify Link6:11
I’m the MountainStoned Jesus2012Seven Thunders RoarYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:02
Tartessos: The Hidden XenocrystAllegaeon2012FormshifterYoutube LinkSpotify Link4:24
In ExtremisDays Between Stations2013In ExtremisYoutube Link15:51
East Coast RacerBig Big Train2013English Electric Part TwoYoutube LinkSpotify Link15:46
Book of the FallenCaladan Brood2013Echoes of BattleYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:55
Sons of Winter and StarsWintersun2013Epic Metal: The 20 Most Epic Metal Hits from Nuclear BlastYoutube LinkSpotify Link14:05
CuratorPotmos Hetoimos2013MaribelSpotify Link18:42
The Earth Wants Us DeadSea of Bones2013The Earth Wants Us DeadYoutube LinkSpotify Link39:32
First ReignOcean2013Here Where Nothing GrowsSpotify Link21:05
The FallOcean2013Here Where Nothing GrowsSpotify Link24:45
Brainbow / Brain TrainMammatus2013MammatusYoutube Link16:40
Vicarious RedemptionCult of Luna2013Vertikal I & IIYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:50
You Are the Moon, I Am the NightOWL2013You Are the Moon, I Am the NightYoutube Link18:34
UnrestClad In Darkness2013DecathectYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:38
NarakaDefeated Sanity2013Passages into DeformityYoutube LinkSpotify Link5:07
Lover’s End, Part III: Skellefteå serenadeMoon Safari2014Live In MexicoYoutube LinkSpotify Link24:20
CrystallisedHaken2014RestorationYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:22
RootsSaor2014RootsYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:47
In Our BloodYob2014Clearing the Path to AscendYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:55
MarrowYob2014Clearing the Path to AscendYoutube LinkSpotify Link18:48
A EtillaEa2014A EtillaYoutube LinkSpotify Link49:12
The CavernInter Arma2014The CavernSpotify Link45:46
KaleidoscopeTransatlantic2014KaleidoscopeYoutube LinkSpotify Link31:54
Into the BlueTransatlantic2014KaleidoscopeYoutube LinkSpotify Link25:13
IVParamnesia2014ParamnesiaYoutube LinkSpotify Link20:10
VParamnesia2014ParamnesiaSpotify Link20:06
Plânge glia de dorul meuDescend into Despair2014The Bearer of All StormsYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:55
The Horrific Pale AwakeningDescend into Despair2014The Bearer of All StormsYoutube LinkSpotify Link17:55
Triangle of LiesDescend into Despair2014The Bearer of All StormsYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:35
He Was Compelled to Turn Westward Out of Some Misplaced Sense of HopeHuldra2014Black TidesYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:51
The Order of ThingsArbor2014Echoes Over OceansYoutube Link16:38
Painters of the Tempest, Part II: Triptych LuxNe Obliviscaris2014CitadelYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:34
The Veiled GardenSpectral Lore2014IIIYoutube LinkSpotify Link16:32
AuraSaor2014AuraYoutube LinkSpotify Link13:37
Prancing DadThe Tiberian Sons2015Conquering MAGFestYoutube Link11:40
AcolytesHorrendous2015AnaretaYoutube LinkSpotify Link7:12
I (Remastered)Meshuggah2016IYoutube LinkSpotify Link21:00
IIBossk2017I IIYoutube LinkSpotify Link19:30
Genesis of DestructionGenesis of Destruction2019Genesis of DestructionYoutube LinkSpotify Link5:45

I will continue to update these playlist.

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